8230 Balatonfüred, Balaton

Lake Balaton gives perfect facilities for fishing. The water world is very rich.
We can divide the fishes into 2 categories: fine fishes (carp, pike porch, pike, catfish), and small fishes (bream, garda).
The best fishing water can be found on the northern shore of the Lake Balaton.

The conditions of fishing

You need a State fishing licence to buy a fishing ticket.
For children: free
For Hungarian adults: you have to be a member of fishing association, you can buy this at your fishing association
For foreign adults: you can buy this for 1000 Ft
The state fishing licence is valid for 1 year, and it can be lengthened.

Fishing tickets
For 1 day:
Whole price 2200 Ft.
Above 60 years: 1900 Ft
14-18 years: 1400 Ft
Until 14 years: 600 Ft

For 3 days:
Whole price: 3700 Ft.
Above 60 years: 2900 Ft
14-18 years: 2200 Ft
14 years: 1000 Ft

For 10 days:
Whole price: 6100 Ft
Above 60 years: 4800 Ft
14-18 years: 3700 Ft
Until 14 years: 1600 Ft