8230 Balatonfüred

Cycling at the Lake Balaton
A bike tour around the Hungarian Sea is a life-long experience for anyone. The light tour can be completed in a a couple of days. The best time for a tour is a long weekend in late spring or early autumn.
You can travel around Lake Balaton (210 km) by bike on bicycle lanes and small roads – protected by sighn – with light traffic.

Bike tour: Balatonfüred – Tihany
Balatonfüred – Vitorlás square – bicycle road – Sajkod beach – geyser field – Inner Lake – Tihany old village – Tihany ferry – Gödrös – bicycle road – Balatonfüred 23 km
It is a short, medium level trip on the Tihany Peninsula. The road takes us by stunning natural and architectural sites.
From Sajkód beach a small street takes you thorugh a beautiful forest. You can go back to geyserfield and reach the Inner Lake on small streets.
From the lake there are a lot of small streets leading to the village.

Hot spots in Tihany:
Abbey Church, protected village centre, Open Air Museum, Echo hill, Doll Museum, Inner Lake, Outer Lake, geyser field, old monk residences, lavender field, Cyprian spring

Bike route Balatonfüred-Balatonalmádi
Balatonfüred – Tagore Promenade – Bicycle road – Csopak – Alsóörs – Balatonalmádi – Felsőörs – Lovas – Paloznak – Csopak – Balatonfüred 32 km
The bike route covers the settlements of Balaton Riviera: Alsóörs, Csopak, Felsőörs, Lovas, Paloznak and reaches Balatonalmádi.
The tourists like these small settlements because of the hospitality and the warm atmosphere.
In Balatonalmádi you can follow the stages of the Hungarian history and you can discover a lot of architectural treasures.
Returning from Balatonalmádi in the direction of Felsőörs you reach a road, which was used in the times of the Romans. On this road you can go back to Balatonfüred.

Hot spots:
Csopak: Csonka tower, folk residences, Ranolder residence, Kövesdi Szent Miklós church ruins from the 13th century.
Alsóörs: Turkish house, middle-age church, ‚Cserehegy‘ (Csere montain) view tower
Balatonalmádi: Holy Right Hand Chapel, Old Park, Forest church of Vörösberény, Vöröskő study path, Óvári look-out tower
Felsőörs: 13th century provost church, provost mansion, geology exhibition site (Malom Valley)
Lovas : folklore house monuments, ancient pain mine
Paloznak: 13th century church, Country House, wine cellar houses