Oázis Wellness Park

Oázis Wellness Park

2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Tököli út 184.
00-36/ 24-468-997
Jeden tag 09.00-19.00

It is a sporting facility in winter and summer, for all age-groups, with the most up-to-date water cleaning technology in Europe.

Adventures of high level for all members of your family!

  • Black Hole with special sound and light effects 
  • 4-lane multi-slide  
  • UFO-slide with a speeding-up phase leading into a funnel where you can slide round and round and then fall into the water.      
  • Kamikaze-slide for the courageous ones  
  • Family-slide      
  • Giant jumping-board, free fall of 2,5 metres into the 3 metres deep water.

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