Dandár Bath

Dandár Bath

1095 Budapest, Dandár u. 5-7.
Mon-Fri 6.00-20.00, Sat 6.00-14.00
from 600 HUF/person
By public transportation: tramways 2 and 24 and buses 23 and 54. (The thermal bath is located in the vicinity of the Boráros square.)

The architectural plan for the public bath in Dandár street was prepared by Ferenc K. Császár. The Bath was commissioned in 1930, then transformed in 1936. During World War II the Bath was o­nly slightly damaged so it could be opened as soon as 1945. Originally, the Bath operated as a sanitary bath. In 1978, however, following a thorough reconstruction, it was put in operation as a thermal bath.

Water composition: Hot spring water with calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate and sulphate-chloride, also containing sodium, with a substantial content of fluoride ions.

Therapeutic suggestions:

  •     degenerative joint diseases
  •     chronic and sub-acute arthritis
  •     discus hernia
  •     neuralgia


  •     thermal bath for both men and women
  •     sauna
  •     tubbath (with curative water)
  •     underwater water jet massage
  •     medical massage
  •     refreshing massage
  •     foot-massage, pedicure
  •     rental
  •     value safe-keeping