Museum of Music History

Museum of Music History

1014 Budapest, Táncsics Mihály utca 7.

Our Museum is situated on the Castle Hill, at Táncsics Mihály utca 7, in the historical Erdődy palace just 200 meters from  The Fishermen's Bastion and Saint-Trinity Square with Matthias Church. Currently our exhibitions occupy eight rooms which are respectively:

  1. 1. Folk Musical Instruments in Hungary
  2. 2. Bartók the Folklorist
  3. 3. Salon of Medals and badges
  4. 4. Historical Musical Instruments in Hungary
  5. 5. László Lajtha Memorial Exhibition
  6. 6. Famous László Lajtha Music Salon brought from his flat at Váci utca.
  7. 7. Historical instruments to play on - cimbalom, two pianos, zithers and clavichord
  8. 8. Franz Liszt, a series of posters prepared by Maria Eckhardt

All of our exhibitions have a multimedial setting as well. The visitors can listen to the recordings of the exposed instruments and many unique sound documents. A major part of the exposed prints, letters, notes, pictures and other materials are originals owned by our institute.

We organize concerts as well for pre-booked groups which all visitors are welcome to join. They are held in the exceptional Béla Bartók Music Hall with a breathtaking panorama of the Pest side and Parliament. In the Hall there is a concert piano owned by Bartók during his Budapest years and made especially for him.

The exhibitions are open to explore individually or with our guides (in Hungarian, English, German, Italian or Polish language). A guided tour lasts about 30 minutes or more, depending on the group.