FLUX Gallery

FLUX Gallery

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Although our gallery is new, it has a serious professional background which goes back to an earlier activity. We have joined the strengths of two different approaches to accomplish our goals: Márton Romvári's professional knowledge and routine of coordinating a gallery, and Andrea Juhász's pragmatic experience in the field of business and graphic design - what is more, both of them are practising artists.

In 2012, after several years of successful cooperation, we have decided to set up an art gallery which aims to fulfil the need for the domestic and international representation of abstract and kinetic arts, and promotes artists creating in this field in the long run. In the spring of 2013 we launched programs at 44 Paulay Ede street, in the 6th district of Budapest, and in December we have already managed to introduce the gallery at an international art fair.

In 2014, we enlarged our team with some new colleagues to pursue the realization of our objectives with even greater energy. We are building international cooperation, participating in art fairs and offering foreign artists opportunity to exhibit at our gallery in the framework of residency programs.

We trust that, as a result of our work, we could add to the important cultural scene of Budapest, as artists with an artist-centered approach and independent style. Our hope is to be present in the international art scene, as well."