9400 Sopron, Fő tér 6.

Back in the 14th century, there were two buildings on the plot where the Fabricius house now stands; the one at the back had two floors already. The present form of the house evolved in the 17th century. The Gothic hall is a wonderful piece of architecture, but the loggia in the courtyard and the Gothic and Baroque cellars of the rear building also deserve special attention. Archeologists have also found the remains of a Roman bath in the basement.

The owners of the building have always been middle class families, rich citizens and traders. The house was named after one of the owners, Endre Fabricius mayor and magistrate, who purchased the house in 1806. The Fabricius family later offered the house to the Lutheran church. Nowadays the building hosts three exhibitions: there is a Roman lapidarium in the basement; the archeological exhibition "Three-thousand years on the Amber Road" can be seen on two floors at the back of the building. The rooms on the first and second floors of the front building feature 17th and 18th century burgher homes, by presenting objects and furniture of the time.

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