Tómalom lakes - Sopronkőhida

Tómalom lakes - Sopronkőhida

The story of Tómalom goes back to the 1500s, however, it was said the lakes existed even in Roman times.

The linguist Károly Mollay says that today's Tómalom should be built under the leadership of Mayor Herb Kristóf in the 1470-80s, Herb was namely, the first landlord of the area. 1822 Konrád Mühl has become the miller of Nagytómalom. In 1842 he founded the first outdoor bath in Nagytómalom. We exactly don't know until when Mühl's outdoor bath operated, but in 1869 bought a cloth mine his outdoor bath, which was to visit too.

In 1918 the Sopron Association for Beautification of the City purchased the Nagytómalom to build a larger resort.

Between 1920 and 1922 a beach, a hotel with 14 rooms and a restaurant were built according to Ferenc Schneider's plans. In 1930 the beach has been extended according to designs by the architect György Hárs. At that time the cabin series and the U-shaped mole board were set up on which an approximately 4m high diving platform was also found. In the 1930s some summer homes were built on the hill opposite the beach.

During World War II, the Tómalom bath was bombed. In the fall of 1945 Soviet troops occupied the building complex at Tómalom, it served them for accommodation in the winter. After the war the bath was reconstructed, but the mill was entirely destroyed. Since then the bath operates with small changes.