József Soproni Horváth Collection

József Soproni Horváth Collection

9400 Sopron, Hátsókapu u. 2., "Cézár-ház"

The history of art has awarded József Horváth (1891-1961) titles such as "the great painter of Sopron", "the classic of aquarelle". The artist later received the honorary name "Soproni" post mortem from his beloved town. Actually, he was not born in Sopron, but he dedicated all his artistic activity to this town. Sopron owns and hosts his oeuvre, which this forms the bases of the permanent exhibition.

The artist completed his studies at the University of Fine Arts and in Nagybánya. He was a pioneer of aquarelle technique. The most meritorious achievement of his body of work is raising the aquarelle to an equal rank with oil painting. He communicated his messages by means of naturalism. His themes bear evidence of deep human emotions. His technique uses the spiritualization of the material as a starting point. All his masterpieces are of enduring value, but he achieved real fame and success by his incomparable nudes and portraits. These valuable paintings are the manifestations of his unique and incomparable artistic performance. His legacy can now be seen in the Caesar House, in an exhibition established by his widow.

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