Thalasso therapy

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Thalasso therapy

Thalasso therapy

Thalasso therapy refers to the medical use of sea and seawater products to enhance a person’s overall health. Emerging from the Greek word, “Thalassa” that can be translated as sea, thalasso therapy is a popular alternative treatment in Europe and is gaining popularity internationally. Although sea and seawater products were recommended as a medical agent as early as 1578, the term thalasso therapy was invented by Doctor de la Bonnardière, a French pioneer who owned a resort that used sea bathing as a medical treatment, in 1865 to describe “treatments with the sea.”

The healing properties of seawater have since been proven scientifically. Seawater is particularly rich in mineral salts, proteins, and various other elements. It is considered to be medical agent as it contains a minimum of 60 different minerals and trace elements that are essential to the human organism. Such elements include: copper, iodine, iron, plankton, zinc, and a variety of vitamins. Additionally, seaweed contains these natural elements but at concentrations that are 50,000 to 100,000 times higher than those found in seawater. The presence of plankton provides a number of health benefits due to its anti-bacterial effect.

Thalasso therapy provides an effective treatment for the human body as it combines the highly concentrated mineral elements of seawater and seawater products with the use of hot water. The use of hot water dilates the patient’s pores and blood vessels allowing the skin to be more receptive to the active ingredients contained in seawater and seawater products. Thalasso therapy is a highly relaxing treatment that nourishes your skin, reduce cellulite, and perform detoxifying actions. It is available in a variety of different formats that includes:

  • Massage with oils that use seawater ingredients.
  • Seawater bath that is heated to 104° F and aids blood circulation and relieving muscle aches.
  • Seawater bubble bath that boosts tissue oxygenation and general relaxation.
  • Seaweed wrap, which aids in muscular relaxation and general detoxifying.
  • Seaweed bath that usually lasts twenty minutes and promotes general relaxation.
  • Marine balls, which involve immersing your hands in warm seaweed mud, which helps relieve aches and improves suppleness in the wrists.
  • Sprays that combine seawater with essential oils that is used to stimulate breathing and clear the nose mycoderm.

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