Eutony refers to well-balanced tension; eu meaning good and tony signifying muscle tone. Eutony is a somatic discipline intended to deepen the entire range of expression and creativity as one experiences unity. Offering gentle, easy steps, one becomes cognisant of the body’s workings allowing for an improved wellness.

Gerda Alexander, originator of this holistic discipline, calls it the western approach to obtaining unity of the total person, freeing creative powers and achieving a profound knowledge of self in relation to others. In accord with her peer, Moshe Feldenkrais, rather than focus on physical exertion, emphasis was placed on intelligence, sensitivity, and self-awareness. Instead of promoting physical modifications via exercises, Alexander concentrated on movement itself, using lessons and experiments; she sought ways to heighten personal comfort, independence, and wellness.

The methodology of Eutony affirms to produce a harmoniously balanced state as one develops the ability of self-awareness and competence to regulate muscular tone in adapting to the activity of the present moment. To assist the patient to reclaim the fluctuation of tone several principles and tools are put to use in the sessions held. Such principles include awareness of the body skin, perception of the internal body, and bones. Other tools involve conscious contact, movement techniques (active and passive), control positions, evaluation of muscular flexibility, and voice and bone vibrations.

Circulation, hypo and hypertension troubles are benefited with this technique as well as paralytic conditions in the back and limbs. Eutony can be an aid to improved health and wellness regardless of your age or fitness level.

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