Rasul bath

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Rasul bath

Rasul bath

The Rasul bath is bathing ritual which combines a mud pack with a herbal steam bath.

After a quick shower, a special mud pack is applied to the entire body. Dried herbs are placed on a colander over a special oven in the steam bath. The temperature and humidity level gradually rises so that the body can adjust to the temperature change. The moist air increases the amount of sweat produced and the mud pack liquefies on the skin. The “healing earth” will purify the body and skin – impurities are absorbed into the mud. By gently massaging and rubbing the mud is then removed from the skin, the tiny grains act as a peeling and remove dead skin cells while stimulating blood circulation. This bathing ritual ends with a warm shower. After the cleansing shower, a mixture of nutrient-rich oils is applied. The Rasul ritual is also used for illness prevention, the stimulation of the immune system and circulation, skin care as well as purification and detoxification of the body.

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