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A wellness coach is similar to a personal trainer who helps others keep on track with their wellness plan. The coach will help to not only devise an exercise routine, but also work on other aspects of wellness with the client. In some ways, the wellness coach will be a teacher. In other ways, the coach will be an encourager. Overall, the coach is a person who helps a client meet wellness goals. Once they are met, new goals are often set. This is also a part of the job description of a wellness coach in many cases. However, exercise goals are not where the job ends, but simply a small part of the overall responsibility.

A wellness coach may also help with principles of a good diet. Though the coach may not be a certified dietitian, he or she will often have a good knowledge of nutrition, and understand the basics. Even such a basic understanding is enough to help set a diet for normal individuals. The coach may periodically check with the client to make sure the diet is being adhered to. This accountability is a good way to keep those on a wellness plan on track.

In addition to the principles of dieting, wellness coaches will also offer help on other health issues. For example, for those trying to quit smoking, they will offer some accountability, as well as advice on what to do when the urge hits. This may not totally stop relapses, but should provide another tool for those individuals.

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