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Fairy tale therapy

Fairy tale therapy

Fairy tale therapy uses personalised fairy tales to unveil deeper layers of personality, to discover frustrations and to help setting goals.

Our internal thoughts, which cause us to experience unwanted feelings, are rooted in our perception of reality. This perception is caused by our imagination. If unwanted thoughts and feelings are caused by imagination, then it is also through the use of imagination that part of these issues can be resolved. By accessing the archetypal wisdom of the collective unconscious and remembering the fairy tales farmed by our ancestors’ cultural heritage we can bring to awareness more personal meanings in order to understand how these archetypal characters are feeding our sub-personalities.

Working with fairy tales in adult (hypno)therapy is an effective way to by-pass the critical, logical, conscious factor and access the original unconscious emotional parts. By accessing these parts we can better facilitate personality integration at a feeling level of mind. Working with fairy tales offers the possibility to view imagination, not only as a defence mechanism, a flight from reality, or a distortion of reality, but also as an expression of creativity and health, arising from hope, and offering a more positive perspective.

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