Brush Massage


Brush Massage

Brush Massage

A method of treating the skin by specific massage procedure using one or more brushes. The method comprises the steps of providing a facial and a body massaging brush. A clockwise brush massage is applied to stimulate specific designated areas of the body for a predetermined period of time. The brush massage is performed in a specific sequence of the designated areas in compliance with a network of acupuncture points.

If you do it yourself, first of all get a good dry skin brush and, starting with the soles of you feet, brush vigorously making rotary motions, and massage every part of your body. Brush in this order: first feet and legs, then hands and arms, the back, abdomen, chest and neck. Brush until your skin becomes rosy, warm and glowing. Five to ten minutes is the average time. The best time to skin brush is just before you shower.

The method of this invention improves blood circulation and simultaneously provides an exfoliation of skin tissue. A variety of exfoliating techniques can be used (e.g.: a loofah sponge), and may be a pre-treatment for mud and seaweed body masks. A post-treatment moisturizing renders the skin silky smooth, alive and glowing.

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