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Budapest Embassies of Asian Countries – Travel to Budapest, Hungary

Asian countries

Embassy of the Republic of Philippines - Budapest

Adress: H-1026 Budapest, Gábor Áron utca 58.
Telefon: 391-4300
Mobil:  06-30 331-1891
Fax: 200-5528, Ügyelet: 06-30 202-1760
E-mail: phbuda@mail.datanet.hu

Embassy of the Republic of India - Budapest

Adress: H-1025 Budapest, Búzavirág u. 14.
Telefon: 325-7742, 325-7743
Fax: 325-7745
E-mail: chancery@indianembassy.hu
Website: http://www.indianembassybudapest.org/

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia - Budapest

Adress: H-1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 26.
Telefon: 413-3800, 413-3801
Fax: 322-8669
E-mail: kbri@indonesia.hu
Website: http://www.indonesia.hu/

Embassy of the Republic of Iraq - Budapest

Adress: H-1021 Budapest, Bölöni György u. 3.
Telefon: 392-5120
Fax: 392-5133
E-mail: budemb@iraqmfamail.com

Embassy of the Republic of Iran - Budapest

Adress: H-1143 Budapest, Stefánia út 97.
Telefon: 460-9260
Fax: 460-9430
E-mail: embiran@iranembassy.hu
Website: http://www.iranembassy.hu/

Embassy of Israel - Budapest

Adress: H-1026 Budapest, Fullánk u. 8.
Telefon: 392-6200
Fax: 200-0783
E-mail: info@budapest.mfa.gov.il
Website: http://budapest.mfa.gov.il/

Embassy of Japan - Budapest

Adress: H-1125 Budapest, Zalai út 7.
Telefon: 398-3100
Fax: 275-1281
E-mail: poilitical@japanembassy.hu
Website: http://www.hu.emb-japan.go.jp/

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen - Budapest

Adress: H-1026 Budapest, Bimbó út 179/a.
Telefon: 212-3991, 325-5133
Fax: 212-3883
E-mail: yemen22may@t-online.hu

Embassy of Quatar - Budapest

Adress: H-1026 Budapest, Gárdonyi Géza utca 19.
Telefon: 392-1010
Fax: 392-1020
E-mail: info@qatarembassy.hu
Website: http://www.qatarembassy.hu/

Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Budapest

Adress: H-1025 Budapest, Kapy utca 59.
Telefon: 275-1300, 275-1301
Fax: 275-2092
E-mail: kazak@t-online.hu
Website: http://www.kazembassy.hu/

Embassy of the Republic of China - Budapest

Adress: H-1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 20-22.
Telefon: 413-2400
Fax:  413-2451
E-mail: protocol@knnk.ehc.hu
Website: hu.chineseembassy.org

Embassy of the Republic of Korea - Budapest

Adress: H-1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 109.
Telefon: 351-1179, 462-3080
Fax: 351-1182
E-mail: hungary@mofat.go.kr

Embassy of the State of Kuwait - Budapest

Adress: H-1122 Budapest, Székács u. 16.
Telefon: 202-3335; 489-4300
Fax: 202-3387
E-mail: kuwait.emb@kuwaitembassy.hu

Embassy of the Republic of Lebanon - Budapest

Adress: H-1112 Budapest, Sasadi út 160.
Telefon: 249-0900
Fax: 249-0901
E-mail: amblib@t-online.hu

Embassy of Malaysia - Budapest

Adress: H-1026 Budapest, Pasaréti út 29.
Telefon: 488-0810
Fax: 488-0824
E-mail: mwbdpest@t-online.hu
Website: www.kln.gov.my/mission/budapest

Embassy of Mongolia - Budapest

Adress: H-1022 Budapest, Bogár utca 14/C.
Telefon: 212-5904
Fax: 212-5731
E-mail: mongolemb@t-online.hu

Embassy of the Republic of Pakistan - Budapest

Adress: H-1125 Budapest, Adonis utca 3/A.
Telefon: 355-8017, 355-8210
Fax: 375-1402
E-mail: parepbudapest@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.mofa.gov.pk/hungary/

Embassy of the State of Palestine - Budapest

Adress: H-1025 Budapest, Felső zöldmáli út 120.
Telefon: 325-7579, 326-0340
Fax: 326-0341
E-mail: embassy@palestinemb.hu

Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia - Budapest

Adress: H-1016 Budapest, Bérc u. 16.
Telefon: 436-9500, 436-9501
Fax: 453-3554
E-mail: huemb@mofa.gov.sa
Website: http://www.saudiembassy.org.hu/

Embassy of the Republic of Syria - Budapest

Adress: H-1021 Budapest, Budakeszi út 47/d.
Telefon: 200-8046, 200-8138
Fax: 200-8048
E-mail: hungary@syrianembassy.hu
Website: http://www.syrianembassy.hu/indexhu.htm

Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand - Budapest

Adress: H-1025 Budapest, Verecke út 79.
Telefon: 438-4020, 438-4025
Fax: 438-4023
E-mail: thaiemba@mail.datanet.hu

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam - Budapest

Adress: H-1146 Budapest, Thököly út 41.
Telefon: 342-5583, 342-9922
Fax: 352-8798
E-mail: vp-budapest@mofa.gov.vn


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