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Budapest Embassies of American Countries – Travel to Budapest

American countries

Embassy of United States - Budapest

Adress: H-1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 12.
Telefon: 475-4400
Fax: 475-4764
E-mail: webmaster@usembassy.hu
Website: http://www.usembassy.hu/

Embassy of the Republic of Argentina - Budapest

Adress: H-1023 Budapest, Vérhalom u. 12-16. A. ép. II. em. 3.
Telefon: 326-1391, 326-0492, 326-0493
Fax: 326-0494
E-mail: eungr@mrecic.gov.ar

Embassy of the Republic of Brazil - Budapest

Adress: H-1123 Budapest, Alkotás u. 50/B II.
Telefon: 351-0060, 351-0061, 351-0062, 351-0063, 351-0064
Fax: 351-0066
E-mail: embassy@brazil.hu
Website: http://www.brazil.hu/

Embassy of the Republic of Chile - Budapest

Adress: H-1024 Budapest, Rózsahegy u. 1/B
Telefon: 326-3054, 326-3055
Fax: 326-3056
E-mail: echilehu@embachile.hu

Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador - Budapest

Adress: H-1023 Budapest, Levél utca 4. II/3.
Telefon: 315-2114; 345-0424
Fax: 315-2104
E-mail: embajada@ecuador.hu
Website: www.ecuador.hu

Embassy of Canada - Budapest

Adress: H-1027 Budapest, Ganz u. 12-14.
Telefon: 392-3360
Fax: 392-3390
E-mail: bpest@international.gc.ca
Website: hungary.gc.ca

Embassy of the People's Republic of Cuba - Budapest

Adress: H-1026 Budapest, Harangvirág u. 5. II/3.
Telefon: 325-7290
Fax: 438-5956
E-mail: prensa@embacuba.hu
Website: http://www.embacuba.hu/

Embassy of Mexico - Budapest

Adress: H-1024 Budapest, Rómer Flóris utca 58.
Telefon: 326-0447, 326-0486, 326-0676, 326-0677
Fax: 326-0485  
E-mail: embamexhu@t-online.hu
Website: www.sre.gob.mx/hungria

Embassy of the Republic of Venezuela Bolivar - Budapest

Adress: H-1051 Budapest, József Nádor tér 5-6. IV. emelet
Telefon: 326-0460, 326-0461, 326-0489
Fax: 326-0450
E-mail: embavenezhu@t-online.hu


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