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Anti-perspiration treatment in Budapest – Budapest skin plastic surgery

Anti-perspiration Treatment

In the summer heat or in an extremity situation it can be quite displeasing if under the armpits big perspiration stains appear, but there are people who sweat excessively irrespectively of weather or stress, their perspiration glands simply work very actively. Of course the problem may be solved with a quick shower, but not in every situation there is a possibility to do that. But what can be the solution?

With a Botox injection plastic surgeons can block the nerve stimulating perspiration glands, and those can not evolve their function. With this special treatment against perspiration the surgeons can keep the perspiration glands under the armpits, on the feet and palms in a cordon. The effect may last for half a year, with this the awkward situations are abolished which are caused by excessive perspiration.

During the consultation the surgeon and the patient discusses into which part of the body the Botox injection will be squirted. It is important that the surgeon which will perform the operation is clear with the perspiration degree, its nature and can rule out that the excessive perspiration is not caused by the hypertrophy of the thyroid gland or a forerunner of any other serious disease. Skin disease can also be a reason for excluding botox treatment, in this case it can not be done.

Before exhibition of the injection the treated skin area is cleaned, and after undergoing local anesthesia, with a very thin needle Botox is squirted under the skin. The duration of the treatment takes about quarter of an hour per injection. Skin reddening, bloodshot, sensitivity may occur after the treatment, these cease in a short period of time. The result of the treatment against perspiration is noticeable in two or three days after the treatment, but in order to reach the lasting, perspiration-free stage about ten days are needed. The effect of the botox injection which paralyses the perspiration glands can last for up to six months. In case of several Botox injections the lasting effect will be longer each time, this way the patient will need less and less treatments as time goes by.


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