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Cosmetic surgery treatments in Budapest – Budapest cosmetic plastic surgery

Upper Arm Plastic Surgery

As years pass the skin becomes saggy. This is also true for the upper arms, the regular exercising, gymnastics or weight lifting is useless since on the upper arm after some time saggy and flabby skin may appear. This saggy skin may also appear as a post-effect after slimming. In this case you may have a perfect face, firm buttocks and bottom, the saggy upper arm skin can spoil the overall effect, and the sleeveless shirts and dresses have to stay in the depth of your wardrobe. The dangling skin from this part of the body may also ruin the person’s self confidence and may negatively influence the way the person feels. In such cases the routine upper arm plastic surgery is advised, it offers a perfect solution to the problems: the saggy skin is removed, and if needed liposuction is done thus the result is a firmer and more attractively sculpted arm.

The upper arm surgery is always done under general anesthesia; the duration is usually one and a half or two hours. In an arm lift, a plastic surgeon removes the sagging skin and other tissue by cutting it away and suturing the remaining skin to create a tight and smooth contour for the arm. For most people, the scar from upper arm surgery will run from the armpit to the elbow, along the underside of the arm. People who need less skin removed may end up with a scar from the armpit to about halfway to the elbow, but someone with a very great deal of hanging skin may need to have a scar extending past the elbow. After the surgery, the patient will be required to wear an elastic support garment to compress and reinforce the new shape of the arm. Once this garment comes off, generally after two weeks, the area around the arm will still be bruised and swollen, but that is entirely normal. Remaining sutures and staples come out after another week or so, and final swelling is gone after another two months, revealing the final enhanced look.

After the operation in order for the scars to heal perfectly a lot of resting and minimal physical work is advised for about a month. In two weeks’ time after the surgery the patient may show itself with the new attractive arms in sleeveless clothes.


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