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Cosmetic surgery treatments in Budapest – Budapest cosmetic plastic surgery

Thigh Plastic Surgery

As well as our upper arms, bottom and thighs can not resist the nature’s laws and the time wheel. Our skin gets saggy and flabby as years pass, this often goes together with fat piling up and this can cause serious aesthetical and psychic problems. The thigh plastic surgery can offer a solution to these problems, the surgery can also be done together with liposuction. Plastic surgeons remove the elongated, unnecessary skin, thus the thigh becomes once again firm and will be similar in shape to the original.  With this operation the aesthetical problems are gone and the patient’s self-confidence may greatly increase. 

In every case thigh plastic surgery is preceded by an health examination, where the surgeons and the patient discusses what is the desired result of the surgery. If there are a lot of fat cells under the skin, then those can be removed with liposuction and following that can the shape correction of the thighs be done. The incision used to perform a thigh lift is placed in the groin area beneath the bikini line. A crescent of skin is removed from the groin, then the tissues below the incision are loosened and the "thigh lift" takes place as the skin is pulled up and the incision sutured shut. Deep stitches are used in the thigh lift to secure the skin to ligament and bones, preventing sagging as the incisions heal. Drains are placed in the incisions to prevent excess fluids after the thigh lift surgery, and are usually removed within a few days. In cases of bigger correction, plastic surgeon may suggest doing the surgery in two operations. Between the two surgeries usually six months has to pass because the time is needed for the scars to heal.

Thigh plastic surgery is done under general anesthesia in all cases, and the duration is about two - two and a half hours. Since this is a serious operation, the patients usually have to stay in the hospital for two days, and right after the plastic surgery a special elastic support garment has to be worn for several weeks. Stitches are taken out two weeks after the surgery, and wearing a special bandage is advised for some time. After the operation in order for the scars to heal perfectly a lot of resting and minimal physical work is advised for about a month.


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