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Cosmetic surgery treatments in Budapest – Budapest cosmetic plastic surgery

Calf Shaping / Enlargement

Heading downwards from the bottom and thigh, plastic surgery also offers a perfect solution for calf shaping and enlargement. Because who wouldn’t like distended, beautifully shaped  calves similar to those of sprinters? The eyes of the men are glued to the women wearing miniskirts with nicely shaped legs, and the women also enjoy watching those men with football player calves. Nowadays it does not cause a problem if someone would like to have sporty calves, but is not a big friend of body culture, and has seen a fitness centre only on pictures. This calf shaping and enlargement plastic operation may help not only those who want to skip gym classes, but it also offers a solution to those who have asymmetric calves.

Those patients who would like calf shaping and enlargement surgery have to discuss with the surgeon the procedure of the treatment and the size of the implants for calf enlargement. This plastic surgery is one of routine operations nowadays, and for a skilled plastic surgeon it is just finger practice, but for a patient it may bring a big change. Miniskirts and shorts can be worn again, and once again can the patients „show off” themselves in the summer heat.

Usually the duration of the treatment is one a half – two hours long, and similarly to the other plastic surgeries it is done under general anesthesia, the procedure is not too complex. Plastic surgeon makes an approximately three centimeters long cut in the inside half of the leg, and after that the implant is inserted and the incision is closed. The patient will be required to wear an elastic support garment to compress and reinforce the new shape of the calves right after the surgery, and it is advised to spend the night at the hospital. After calf enlargement surgery the stitches are taken out in about three weeks after the operation, but wearing a special bandage is advised for two-three weeks is a must. After the operation in order for the scars to heal perfectly a lot of resting and minimal physical work is advised for four-six weeks, and no sport can be practiced, and standing for a long time is also not advised since it oppresses the freshly operated calves.


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