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Cosmetic surgery treatments in Budapest – Budapest cosmetic plastic surgery

Bottom Plastic Surgery

Both sexes consider the bottom as one of the most important parts of the body, and many look at the bottom first of all when meeting another person. It’s not the same if the bottom is neatly shaped or flat, flabby or firm. After a while regular exercising or other figure shaping treatments are useless, and above the age of forty the bottom loses its shape and flexibility. The skin of the bottom may also become saggy “thanks” to the frequent weight fluctuation or genetic characteristics.  With the help of bottom plastic surgery this part of the body may regain the previous firmness and after the correction it will look rounder. If there are a lot of fat cells under the skin, then those can be removed with liposuction and the result will be a perfect bottom.

Bottom plastic surgery also works in the opposite way, in case of flat bottom the size and roundness can be increased with implants. A long cut is done with the help of which the implants are inserted, and the effect can be seen instantly: a rounder bottom. The bottom prosthesis used in bottom plastic surgery is similar to those used in breast plastic surgeries, but they differ in size and shape.

Bottom plastic surgery, as well as other serious surgeries is done under general anesthesia, the duration is one - one and a half hours. After the surgery the patient may feel mild pain and a pulling sensation in the bottom but it ceases continuously and the patient will be required to wear an elastic support garment to compress and reinforce the new shape of the bottom which has to be worn for two weeks. Stitches can be taken out after the garment comes off, but wearing a special bandage is advised for some time. After the operation in order for the scars to heal perfectly a lot of resting and minimal physical work is advised for about a month, and the patient can not visit the solarium or lie under the sun. Regarding the result, right after the surgery the change is conspicuous, but the final form will be seen after several months.


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