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You will find detailed information about genital plastic surgery treatments in Budapest, Hungary.

Genital surgery in Budapest – Budapest genital plastic surgery

Transsexual Surgery

Before we come to the point of transsexual surgeries, we have to clear who are transsexuals. These people would like to belong to the opposite sex; in their minds they feel that they totally fit into their group. They enjoy wearing the opposite sex’s clothes, and try to act similarly. Sometimes they play their part so well, that the environment reckons them to be the opposite sex. It would be a big mistake to confuse them with homosexuals, because according to the statistics most of transsexuals are of bisexual orientation, namely they choose partners from both sexes. Their form of behavior is determined by the social composition, it is not the sexual attraction which is the prime motive.

Transsexuals can not accept the fact the nature has locked them up in the opposite sex’s body, which comes with outer characteristics, as well as private parts. Their “change” always begins with the examination of sexual identity, but no psychic treatment can change their way of thinking, may it last for several years. They are ready for anything, can undertake any risks in order to change their sex, and finally live in that body which they have always wanted from their birth. Every thought and action is directed for the change, this is the point of their lives. They undertake the series of plastic surgeries in order to finally be themselves.

In the beginning plastic surgeons do the configuration of the outer characteristics which stand out, such as breast reduction, augmentation, hair removal but these surgeries do not get to the configuration of the private parts. However, a large number of transsexuals do not stop at this point, for the perfect life they undertake very complex surgeries also. If for example they would like to become a woman from a man, then the penis and the testicles are removed, instead of those a vagina and breasts are formed, a total permanent hair removal takes place, larynx and voice strings are narrowed. The procedure also works in the reverse direction also, if the patient would like to become a man from a woman, then the breasts, uterus, ovaries and the vagina are removed. After this comes the formation of the penis, testicles, scrotum and urethra, and the erection is solved by prosthesis of the valves. Later in both cases naturally psychic and hormonal treatment is needed, but it is also important to monitor the possible urological weaves.


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