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You will find detailed information about genital plastic surgery treatments in Budapest, Hungary.

Genital surgery in Budapest – Budapest genital plastic surgery

Penis Thickening

Men always have a problem with size – at least we think so. They either believe it is too small, or too thin, and in vain the women try to persuade them that everything is all right with their masculinity, a large number still consider porno stars as their “icon”, and try to do everything in order to enlarge the size. The imprisoned men among other activities try to kill time by having home-made “surgeries”: planting glass, porcelain, metal balls or maze corn pieces under the penis skin. We mention this method as deterrence, naturally we do not suggest doing these to anyone, since the planted objects are rejected and cause very brutal scars.

While the surgeons can suggest more than one option for penis augmentation, for penis thickening there are not so many prospects. There have been such attempts to thicken the penis in such way that it was continuously constrained with a rubber ring, or was “exercised” for some time by a vacuum pump.  The danger of these “trainings” is that the cells which function as valves may be injured or scarred, which after some time may not even operate.

Fat injections are more efficient and it is a much safer method for penis thickening, in this case the fat cells are taken from the patient’s stomach or bottom and these are planted under the skin of the penis. Unfortunately only 40-50 percent of the fat cells remain permanently, the rest disappear. Since a large amount of fat cells can not be injected at the same time, for the desired result the procedure is advised to be repeated several times.

Plastic surgeons believe that it is more effective to plant grafts next to the fat cells into the penis than just fat injections, which originate from the dermis part.  


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