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You will find detailed information about genital plastic surgery treatments in Budapest, Hungary.

Genital surgery in Budapest – Budapest genital plastic surgery

Labiaplasty and Clitoris Correction

The nowadays popular intimate shaving, the jewellery placed on this part of the body, as well as tattooing has called the attention to the woman’s private parts. Thus the clitoris has become more visualized, but if it is bigger that the average, it may disturb the owner. It can happen that this state goes together with the underdevelopment of the labia majora, and thus the excessive size of the labia minora stands out. Ladies turn to plastic surgeons for the labiaplasty mostly because of aesthetic reasons. Women are afraid of their partner’s unfavorable judgment, which may cause serious psychic problems, and lead to the loss of self-confidence. But too big labia minora may cause pain during sexual intercourse, doing sports as well as after extended sitting.

The one a half hour long surgery, which is done under local or general anesthesia is advised to be done in the days right after menstruation, because this way the scars will heal until the next menstruation. During the operation the excessive parts of labia minora are excised, and after that with a very thin needle and strings the scars are stitched. Since dissolving strings are used in the procedure, thus no stitches will have to be taken out and the patient will not experience any discomfort. Plastic surgeons carefully pay attention to the form of labia minora and the intactness of the clitoris in this surgery which requires precise tissue reconciliation. Similar to labiaplasty it is possible to correct the bigger than the average skin size which is around the clitoris, but it is also possible to restore the deformed labia without a problem.

After the surgery the operated area is swollen for several days, but the patient may also experience mild pain. The duration of the healing period is about two weeks, but it is very important to keep the essential hygiene straight after the surgery. The regeneration period of the almost invisible scar takes about two-three months, from the viewpoint of the sensation and the outlook. The sexual life has to be avoided for two-three weeks in the healing period, but after the following menstruation the sexual relations can be resumed.


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