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Genital surgery in Budapest – Budapest genital plastic surgery

Foreskin Surgery

If the residual skin on the penis is abnormally tight and the skin can not be pulled back from the head or only partly, then we can talk about foreskin tightness. The grooming of the head may be a problem, which can lead to inflammation, but foreskin tightness may disturb the normal sexual health also. During normal circumstances it is not necessary to remove the foreskin altogether, since if it kept clean the inflammation can be prevented, medically the foreskin surgery is reasonable if the tight skin prevents the grooming of the head. At the same time it has been statistically proven that in those societies where circumcision takes place in childhood, the inflammation of the head and foreskin occurs more rarely, as well as malicious penis swelling.

In childhood the foreskin surgery usually takes place under general anesthesia, while in case of teenagers and adults it is done under local anesthesia. This procedure which lasts several minutes is usually pain-free, since with several needle stabs the penis can be anaesthetized, thus during the surgery the patient does not feel any pain. The skin is cut around the head, then the edge of the skin is stitched together. Plastic surgeons usually advise having an overall circumcision, this may bring perfect results from the point of hygiene and sexual life, while after a partial foreskin surgery the healing is much more difficult and the skin tightness may occur again.

There can be such a case, where tight foreskin goes together with short penis, which prevents pulling the foreskin all the way back, thus during intercourse bleeding, scarring and splits may occur. This problem which prevents the patient from leading a healthy sexual life can be solved with a surgery which lasts only several minutes: the penis is intersected, then pulled aside and stitched, and this way it becomes longer.

The foreskin tightness should not be undertaken, since next to being the perfect function of the genitals, it also has to be esthetically appropriate. The surgery is done under local anesthesia, the duration is several minutes, and after one or two hours of observation the patient may continue healing at home. It is advised to use talc-powder for about a week after the surgery, and after that the surgeons prescribe inflammation reducing and scarring subservient creams. It is possible to have an intercourse about a month after the treatment in an optimal situation, and in 3-6 months the surgery scars will fade. 


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