Budapest Face De-Wrinkling – Cheap Facial Surgery in Budapest

You will find detailed information about Budapest plastic surgeries and facial surgery treatments: de-wrinkling, lip surgery, face-lifting, botox.

Face de-wrinkling in Budapest – Budapest facial plastic surgery

Wrinkle Filling

Plastic surgeons do not always reach for the scalpel if a patient wants a face lift. The wrinkles, delphiniums appearing on the face with time in the initial stage do not require surgery, in this case an effective face lift can be done with the help of absorbing and non-absorbing, permanent substances. This type of treatment is usually used on the forehead, nose root, in the fold of nose and mouth, as well as on the two edges of the mouth and it is used to treat the showing wrinkles. During the treatment, the plastic surgeon with the help of very thin needle inserts wrinkle filling substance under the skin of the patient, thus the wrinkles are uncreased. The duration of the treatment is only a few minutes and it has an immediate result.

The most important substances used in wrinkle filling are hyaluron products, the effect of which lasts for several months, this is why repeating the treatment is advised. The hyaluron can be found in the skin in a large amount, and it ensures the flexibility and firmness of the skin. As years pass, the concentration of the hyaluron decreases, this is why the wrinkles appear. With the use of hyaluron the time wheel can be slowed down a little.

During the face lift non-absorbing, permanent substances can be used also: synthetic compounds can be added to the natural substances, but the surgeons can also allocate only synthetic chemicals under the skin.  The spectacular result may remain for several years, but the tissue formation decreases with time due to the influence of inserted chemicals, this is why this type of treatment does not last a lifetime. Nowadays such substance as polyacrylamid was developed, the usage of which had shown positive results, the substance stays in it’s place and it does not cause any toxic or allergic reactions. The so called bio-implant can be removed later easily.


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