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Lip surgery in Budapest – Budapest facial plastic surgery

Lip Plastic Surgery

Not just the tissues of the face are used up as the years pass, but also the lips lose some of their fullness and get thinner, wrinkles appear next them, which is quite conspicuous above the upper lip. Lip plastic surgery can help restoring the state similar to the original, but also offers a solution to congenital, thin mouth or to make the lips symmetrical, as well as after an accident or birth abnormalities correction.
During lip plastic surgery, surgeons use injection treatments in order to make the lips fuller, and they use absorbing and lasting substances. In most of the cases patients prefer absorbing substances, since the amount and the esthetic effect can be a good base for further, lasting lip filling surgery. It is quite often that the patient uses their own fat (for example from the belly) for lip filling, and it is squirted into the lips. Repeating the treatment several times makes the lips thicker. It is advised to be careful with the non-absorbing substances, since once the substance is in the lip, it can not be removed later on. In lip filling surgery collagen-, restylane-, perlane injections are used, while in permanent lip surgeries artecoll- or silicon oil injections are used in order to achieve the wanted results. The fullness of the lips is achieved by several stabs, when the needle is inserted between the edge of the lip and the skin, and the filling substance is injected when the needle is retracted. If the substance is inserted into the middle third half of the lips, then the mouth looks much rounder, and if the substance is inserted into the winger third half of the mouth, then the impact will be on the width.

Plastic surgeons also use another method for lip thickness: PTFE (GoreTex) filaments are inserted into the lips, which can be implanted with an easy surgery. The effect is permanent and lasting, and the treatment has an advantage, if the patient will think that there are too many filaments, then some can be easily taken out, opposite to the injection with non-absorbing substances that is permanent.

The shaping of lips can also be done by a surgery, lifting the corners of the mouth gives the patient a more smiley appearance, but the plastic surgeons can change the edges of the lips also. Preceding the surgery an extensive discussion and a computer design takes place. 


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