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You will find detailed information about Budapest plastic surgeries and facial surgery treatments: de-wrinkling, lip surgery, face-lifting, botox.

Facelift in Budapest – Budapest facial plastic surgery

Face Lift

Face lift can be done with a laser treatment, which is one of the most modern, pain-free and fast treatments nowadays. With the laser treatment the wrinkles can be removed from the face permanently, but it can also be used to freshen up the face, the treatment removes and builds new trace cells in a natural way. The treatment speeds up the scaling of the old trace cells, but does not damage the lower, young and healthy layer of cells. After the treatment the effect of the laser can be seen immediately, the face will be much firmer and flexible, and the young and smooth skin will be striking.

There are two types of laser treatments that are used by plastic surgeons, during the delicate peeling just the upper layer is removed, this is why repeating this treatment several times is advised. During the deeper peeling, not just the upper layer of cells are removed, but the deeper ones also, and this procedure is recommended for those who have scars or deep wrinkles. One of the criterions of the laser treatment is that during the intervention the features of the face do not change, there is no mark of the treatment, since the skin surface is lifted naturally.

The plastic surgeons believe that a complete face lift can only happen during a face lift surgery, a traditional facelift incision often begins in the hairline at the temples, continues around the ear and ends in the lower scalp. In case of skin excess that needs to be removed, the face lift takes place under local or general anesthesia, which is pain-free. In the last years the techniques of face lifts have greatly developed, there exists such a treatment where next to the upper layer peeling the deeper muscular layers are corrected. A real breakthrough is an endoscope face lift procedure: on the small scar line the surgery is done with a help of a miniature TV camera. In this treatment the face’s mimic muscles are detached from the bone membrane and this way in a more advantageous position the soft pieces can be fixed on the scalp. The result will be more impressive and natural, the scarring will be more hidden and no permanent marks will be seen.


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