Hair Cloning

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Hair Cloning

Hair Cloning

Nowadays it is possible to hear more and more about hair cloning, a number of foreign research groups that have already shown cloned hair. Hair cloning may replace hair transplantation surgeries in the future; it can also offer a solution to complete baldness and in order to carry out the surgery fewer hair bulb skin pieces will be needed.

It was discovered by the researchers that hair bulbs also have a stem-cell in them. The process, which is still in experimental stage, involves isolating a group of cells at the base of the hair follicle - the living part of hair rooted in the skin. Once the follicular cells are multiplied in a laboratory, they can then be implanted back into the donor's scalp where they divide to create new follicles and generate new hair.

However, the scientists working on this process have a big problem they don’t know what to do with: with cell implantation, the induced hair will have the same genetic structure and characteristics as the original hair, the life expectancy will be the same of the original hair, and with time the falling hair and the lack of hair will be the same.

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