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Plaque removal

Plaque removal

Calculus removal is an important part of dental treatment, for many reasons. Apart from perfect oral hygiene, calculus removal must be performed prior to tooth fillings and tooth replacement, in order for the gum to be healthy and free from inflammations. The calculus, or plaque is a layer of calcular bacteria, which causes inflammations at the sides of the gums. Its symptoms include gum bleeding and bad breath. It is developed by skipping the regular brushing of teeth, smoking, and hereditary reasons. Plaque is not only aesthetically unpleasant but the illnesses it may cause are difficult to cure. Gum inflammation causes deep crevices along the dental neck, and when the inflammation reaches the bone layer next to the root, it causes gingival abrasion.

Calculus removal is performed by the dentist, either manually or with a device. When done manually, the plaque is scratched off, but nowadays they use a so-called ultrasound depurator, where plaque is removed along with the pellicle. The ultrasound depurator emits sound at frequencies between 24 and 42000 Hz, while it pulverizes cooling water. The head of the device emits vibrancy, which creates air bubbles that destroy plaque. From underneath the gums, they remove plaque by using Grace-spoons, which cause no damage to the gums. After the plaque removal, the surface of the teeth is cleaned by a special polishing material, giving a lighter shade of colour to the teeth.

To properly preserve our dental health, the above treatment should be used every half a year.

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