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Dental jewellery

Dental jewellery

An eccentric habit or an aesthetic dental trend that’s becoming a classic? Only time will tell – but it is certain that shiny little dental jewels are becoming very popular with younger generations, which are worn on central or lateral incisors. There are lots of variations and types: dental jewels can be made of gold, platinum or crystals, but a combination of precious stone and metal is also not unheard of. It can be shaped as the one’s initials, symbols or whatever that helps express the personality of its owner. Leading jewellery manufacturers have seen the opportunity early enough, so each manufacturer now offers its own collection of dental jewels. It only enhances the demand for these gimcrack ornaments that an increasing number of media stars, popular with the youth, are wearing jewels on their teeth.

A few years ago, the installation of dental jewels took up to half an hour, and during the process they used corrosive liquids to clean the enamel. Today, the process takes much shorter time and is greatly simplified. It can only be performed by a qualified dentist – do not try it at home! – who places the chosen jewel on a properly cleansed tooth with a harmless adhesive. The process nowadays takes three to five minutes, with no drilling or any pain, and requires no special preparations. However, it is recommended to have the teeth whitened prior to getting a dental jewel, as the shiny little ornament will only look good on impeccably white teeth.

Once the owner is bored with the jewel, it can be removed or replaced at any time. Dental jewels do not hinder eating, drinking and brushing and it gives its owner an attractive look.

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