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Things to do in Tisza Lake

Things to do

5350 Tiszafüred, Holt Tisza part
+36 30 234-5108, +36 30 967-6037
+36 59 351-523
Rental options: kayaking, canoeing, rowing boats, motor boats. Water tours for school groups with professional tour guides. Camping facilities, bungalows, cottages, showers, toilets, wash basins are available for visitors. There are  some fire places as well. Port services: beach, floating jetty, slipway, waste disposal, boat storage, car parking, ...
3580 Tiszaújváros, Szederkényi út 674/679
06 / 20 / 357-1977, 06 / 49 / 540-619
06 / 49 / 540-620
The building is suitable for 80-90 people, meetings and other events can be organized too.
5065 Nagykörű, Köztársaság út 3.
+36 (30) 3822698
It's a private farm with horse riding facility. Guest can also see real hungarian animals like Hungarian grey cattles, Wallachian sheeps or curly-hair hogs.
5350 Tiszafüred, Kis Tisza út 1
06/30/568 1945, 06/30/568 1945
This harbour is located at the bank of Holt-Tisza. You can hire canoes or boats to discover the beautiful Tisza lake.
3385 Tiszanána, Fő út 108/1.
+36/36/366-429, +36 70 397 7053
Small boat harbor, eagle court Port services: swimming pier, slipway, water connection, electricity connection, waste disposal, lighting, car parking Coastal services: camping place, car, caravan area.
5350 Tiszafüred, Tisza folyó
36 20 9564 771, 06 26 372 878
We offer boat tours with different duration. For school groups we provide 1-6 hours sigthseeing tours by boat.with or without guidance.
5358 Tiszafüred - Tiszaörvény, Esze Tamás út 2/b
+36 (70) 2977257, +36 (59) 351814
Horse riding, desert riding, and riding tours.
5358 Tiszafüred-Örvény, Kormorán Kikötő
(20) 547-42-15
(59) 350-350
The natural beauty of the Tisza-tó (Lake Tisza) has many lovers. Hikers rave about the peacefulness of the lake and the unique bird and plant life. Fishermen report a lot about their varied experience. In order to know this paradise properly you have to visit it with a paddle boat or a motorboat. Our harbor is located in one of the best parts of Lake Tisza ...
3387 Újlőrincfalva, Kossuth út 26/A
(06-30) 940-6280; (06-20) 971-2124
This is a new harbour on the Tisza lake, which meets all the EU regulations. It's suitable for 100 boats.
5300 Karcag, Méntelepi út 1.
06/59-703-303, 06/20-924-25-33
The riding center is located in Karcag, which is the capital of Nagykunság. The riding center was established in 1998. It's the biggest riding and entertainment center of the region.
5362 Tiszaőrs Lovasudvar
+36 30 6700-468
+36 59 354-818
Guest can taste several hungarian specialities. There are lots of entertaining facilites as well as peace and quiet in this horse riding farm.
5350 Tiszafüred, Kistisza utca (Császlód-sziget) 2
+36 (06) 306763616
The adventure park is located on a 18 ha island in the flood plan. There are several games for kids and adults as well.
5358 Tiszafüred - Tiszaörvény
+36 (70) 3637109
It is built at the quiet and peaceful side of the Lake Tisza. This part of the river is an important area to the water traffic for a long time.There are notes and maps form the 19 th century, what says this area was very important to trading salt and wood. Here also worked Ship mills too. The memories of these are guarding in the ruins of the last sawmill, ...
3580 Tiszaújváros, Teleki Blanka 6
+36 (49) 341282
We organize short a long walking, bike and water tours.
3386 Sarud, Tisza folyó jobb part
20/969-0037, 20/379-2793
Boat rental for families with special discount (4 pax) 3 000 HUF/hour. Bicycle rental for families with 20% discount Walking and bike tours in the Bük or Hortobágy National Parks from 5 people with tour guide Water tours up to 12 people/boat


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