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Tisza Lake Attractions


5350 Tiszafüred, Tisza-tó
+36 (52) 529920
Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus), Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps griseigena) and Black-necked Grebe (Podiceps nigricollis), Black tern (Chlidonias niger), Whiskered tern (Childonias hybrida), Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus). Red Heron (Ardea purpurea), Little Egret (Egretta garzetta), Great White Egret (Egretta alba), White spoonbill (Platalea leucordia), ...
5350 Tiszafüred, Fő út 5.
+36 (59) 511055
o-Th 09:00-14:00 Fr 09:00-11:00 Sa 09:00-12:00
3384 Kisköre, Széchenyi út
+36 (36) 358351
The oldest building of the village, the Roman Catholic Church, was built in 1777 in the Baroque style,of which the most interesting feature is its spire. Amongst the furnitures of the interior, the pews carved out of oak wood, the Baroque pulpit made of wood, the shell adorned altar chest and the sculptures of the font reflect the character of their age. ...
3385 Tiszanána, Fő út 84
+36 (36) 366022
The Catholic Church, Count Esterhazy Galántai Charles Bishop of Eger was built in 1788.
3467 Ároktő, Széchenyi u. 6
+36 (49) 354102
The outskirts of town in memory of Csörsz ditch 2000th monument was inaugurated in the year, which is found at the end of the 1990s was established in memory of Avar Period graves. The structures around ornamental plants for landscaping is installed.Location: Ároktő (Tiszadorogma, Mezőcsát, Pathways towards Tiszacsege node)
5241 Abádszalók, Deák Ferenc út 12
+36 (59) 355224
+36 (59) 535120
Dr. Laki Kálmán' bust - who was born in Abádszalók - was inaugurated in 2000. The sculpture was made of bronze by Györfi Sándor.
5241 Abádszalók, István király út 13/1
+36 (59) 355224
+36 (59) 535120
Göncz Árpád inaugurated the bust in 2003. The bust was made by Györfi Sándor sculptor. The sculpture was made from bronze and limestone. Ember Mária was born in Abádszalók and she's a honorary citizen of the city. The Bust was placed into the front of the Library which is also named after her.
5241 Abádszalók, Deák Ferenc út 12
+36 (59) 355224
+36 (59) 535120
Rememberance Statue of the II. World War's Victims in Abádszalók was initiated in of oktober 1999. The statue was set up in the front of the Mayor Office. The sculpture was made of bronze, limestone and basalt.
3371 Átány, II Rákóczi Ferenc út 54
+36 (36) 482001, +36 (36) 482809
+36 (36) 482803
This house is a private possession of live horse and man holding her apartment - the first half of this century.
3384 Kisköre, Szent István Park
+36 (36) 358311
It was donated to Kisköre by the Tiszafüred Savings Bank in 2008. The statue was made by the sculptor Gábor Varga.
5350 Tiszafüred, Fő út 25
+36 (59) 352306
Mo-Fr: 08.00-12.00
3462 Borsodivánka, József Attila út 1
+36 (49) 539410
+36 (49) 539419
The Prónay Palace built in around 1820 in neo-classical style nowadays functions as a hospital. In its former landscape garden and natural park you can find an English oak tree with the biggest circumference - of 5m - in Hungary. There are only two bigger bald cypresses in the country than the one living here. Considerable bird colony lives in the park.
5241 Abádszalók, Iskola út 1
+36 (70) 4130009
+36 (59) 355034
Protestant (Calvinist) Church of Abádszalók - One-naved, polygonal closed church, which had been built to replace a timber church in 1789, then it was rebuilt in 1887. The church was equipped in copf – style and it is a national monument. Its seating capacity: 320 / standing capacity: 100. The church was renovated on the exterior side between (1998-2000). ...
3371 Átány, Templom ut 2
+36 (36) 482013, +36 (30) 6373485
XV. century Gothic style, and XVI. no. restored only in the middle of the church sanctuary was originally part of the form.
3385 Tiszanána, Fő út 219
+36 (36) 366342
The church was built in 1752, but it's old walls date back to the middle ages. Its organ was built by József Angster in 1894.
3388 Poroszló, Fő út 12.
+36 (36) 553058
An old belfry was located about 1 km far from the place of the old church. This baroque style church was built here between 1790 and 1793.
5241 Abádszalók, István király út 1
+36 (59) 355224
+36 (59) 355120
The statue is forming a soldier who's name is Pál Kovács and standing in the center of the city. The sculptur was first set up in 1927 by it's maker Simon Kemény. It was reinitiated after a restauration in 30.july.2007.
5241 Abádszalók, István Király út
+36 (59) 355224
+36 (59) 535120
The city of Abádszalok once was two village: Tisza Abád and Tisza Szalok. These two place were united and become a new village with a new name of it as Abádszalók in 1896. This remembrance statue was set up in 2006 by the local council.
3467 Ároktő, Széchenyi utca 49
+36 (49) 352452
The monument, a late Baroque-style Catholic church was built between 1797 and 1800. The Glorification of the Holy Cross church dedicated to the image side-Immaculata took over. The device: the high altar, the pulpit and the pews were made around 1790 also. The main-and side-and the pulpit style of Louis XVI.
3388 Poroszló, Fő út 1
+36 (36) 366022
The church was built on his respect in a neoclassic, late baroque style in 1809. The pulpit and the font Mózer József creation; the high altar was being made in a Late Georgian style around 1800.
5241 Abádszalók, István Király út 9
+36 (30) 4664288
+36 (30) 9830810
The Church’s wall was mostly built by bricks, partially from stones. Architectually it is a singel-vessel Hall with Choir church. The Main-Altar is built on the same period as the Church itself. This Altar is made from wood, and there’s an oilpainting picture portraying the Holy – Cross on the wall above it. The lateral-altar was made by wood, there’s the ...
5358 Tiszafüred - Tiszaörvény, Hunyadi út 21
+36 (59) 352306
Sa-Su: 08.00-12.00
3384 Kisköre, Szent István Park
+36 (36) 358311
The statue of Szent István (Gabor Varga sculptor) 2006.augusztus was inaugurated on 20.


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