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Kumania spa

Kumania spa

Kumania spa
5310 Kisújszállás, Rákóczi u. 12
+36 (59) 887710

Kisújszállás Nagykunság the heart of the main road No. 4 and the Budapest-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza railway line is located. Kisújszállás Nagykunság the heart of 4-5000 years ago lived in an ancient settlement. The ancestors of people now living there, in 1243-46 Cumans settled in - the Mongol invasion, fleeing Cumans IV. Bela had welcomed. During the Turkish occupation of this region depopulated several times, but always return to the Cumans homes. Last in 1717 returned in 1806 and has won city status field. The current urban landscape of the XIX-XX. century evolved - were built in the City Hall palace, the city that bears his name Moricz Zsigmond completing their secondary school and a former Vigadó. 13 century, a group of people coming from the East settled in the eastern part of our country, the Danube and Tisza rivers and the Körös, Maros region. The Central Asian Turkic Kipchak-Cumans had one of them, whose remnants are still inhabited by the Small and Nagykunság area. The Latin historical sources cumán (Kuma) As mentioned them in the XI. century, a flourishing empire Cumania name (Cumania), respectively. After moving to the area in our country, where settled, Manor Farm was written in Latin Cumania maps. Report Cumania kun is the country, land of the Cumans. They have cultivated a special color to the Hungarian culture. As was the special status (autonomy enjoyed), the people's customs, folk art, folk still live in the nutrition education kun traces. Although their language, the Kipchak-Cuman language Turkish language to be included under the 16th slow reversal of the century Hungarian. Tree motifs, decoration and design of a memorial to the ancestors of the kun Cumania Kisújszállás Spa and swimming pool and the hotel also Cumania. Kisújszállás first in the 1930 drilling began to find healing hot water. Success were also the main road. Today in the late 60's swimming pool was built, which were constantly expanded, but remained a long bath local importance. February 2011 - thanks to a successful EU application - the all-new spa, an increase in the number of indoor pools, it is available year round. In addition, many spa services, sauna world, sports facilities (tennis, beach soccer) and supported by the National Health Insurance fürdőgyógyászattal the visitors from the summer of 2012.

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