Hévíz Medicinal Lake

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Hévíz Medicinal Lake

Hévíz Medicinal Lake

The miracle-working medicinal lake at Hévíz is also situated in the Balaton region, which is entirely one-of-a-kind in Europe. The therapeutic powers of the lake have been recognized for centuries. The Hévíz medicinal lake is the world’s largest biologically active natural thermal lake; it is situated in an unparalleled environment about six kilometers from Lake Balaton. Geothermal energy heats this lake, which is 4.4-hectares of water, whose entire water volume is replaced every 3 days. Its water temperature never goes below 26 °C in the winter and may rise as high as 38 °C in the summer. Enhanced with the invaluable medicinal qualities of sulfur solutions, a thick layer of therapeutic mud covers the entire bottom of the lake.

Treatments are recommendedfor the cure of a wide spectrum of locomotor disorders:

  • Effectively used for the treatment of rheumatic locomotor disorders
  • Osteoporosis
  • Degenerative (wear and tear) intervertibral and joint disorders
  • Bechterew’s disease
  • Acute state of inflammatory joint conditions
  • Post-surgical treatment of injuries and locomotor surgeries
  • Fibrositis, secondary joint disorders,
  • Chronic, peripheral, nervous system related complaints
  • Preparatory and post-surgical treatments of joint surgeries
  • Chronic gynecological problems resulting from disk cartilage operations

As an effect of the trace elements found in the water, the skin becomes silky, and, as a result of treatments of up to a few weeks, the biorhythm and skin-hydration become balanced. The mineral rich water promotes the healing of various diseases. Sulfur, for example, a basic element of joint cartilage, is needed for the cure of many diseases where the symptoms are of a low level of this element. It also relieves the itching of the skin for diabetic patients.


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