Nature Trail

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Nature Trail

Nature Trail

8261 Badacsony, Botanikai tanösvény
+36 87 555 290
+36 87 555 261
Walking along we can study the diverse basalt forms and the former quarry walls. The scenic geomorphic features reveal moments of the bygone events of geological history. Booklets about the nature trail are available in Hungarian and English. The trail can be visited freely, and professional guided tours can also be required at the Directorate. The 4 km ...
8753 Balatonmagyaród
On the Kányavár island you can follow a nearly 2 km long educational path named after the great crested grebe (búbos vöcsök), a typical inhabitant of the region.  The footpath – with its information points – aims to introduce the rich bird life of the area as well as the bat population (there are built bat holes to enhance their breeding). Indigenous ...
8264 Szigliget
If you take the circular study trail (marked with blue T signs) starting from the church of Szigliget, you can get to know the sights of one of the most beautiful settlements and its surroundings at Lake Balaton with the help of information boards in Hungarian and English. The trail was named after a rock-range revealing the signs of volcanism called ...
8251 Zánka, Zánkai Gyermek és Ifjúsági Centrum
+36 87/568-500
+36 87/568-577
8313 Balatongyörök
A study trail established for children where the large dormouse, Mr. Pele helps the small children discover thousands of secrets of the forest.The 8,5 km long trail between Balatongyörök and Balatonederics consisting of 38 stations presents the natural values of the forest habitats. It is accessible from the well-known places of interest of the region such ...
8229 Csopak, Kossuth L. u. 16.
In the shrinking green patches of our dwelling environment, the only elements of fauna and flora to survive are those adapted to man. Our nature trail was intended to present the fauna leaving detectable traces in our environment. The site of the adventure is the park of the headquarters of the Balaton National Park Directorate, established in 2005 in the ...
8300 Raposka, Szent György hegy
+36 87 555 260
+36 87 555 261
The first stop provides information about the geology of Szent György Hill, the following stops draw your attention to the flora of the hill and the "ice cave". The trail takes you to the 414 m high summit along the probably most well-known and most interesting sight of the hill, the "basalt organ pipes".
8256 Salföld, Theodora Kereki forrás
The Theodora trail was built in 2004. Its distance safe to walk on starts at the source of the Kékkúti Mineral Water bottling company and runs along the Sásdi brook towards Kornyi Lake. Walk around the lake from the north and go by the Mosóház source of Kővágóörs and you get back to Kékkút. Visitors can get information from information boards at every ...
8256 Salföld, Kereki major
The new Nature Trail is the second thematically elaborated excursion route in Kal basin located Balaton Uplands National Park. Like the former Theodora Nature Trail it serves the aims to inform tourists about the natural values of the region and call the attention to the importance of protection. the new Nature Trail shows precious geological findings ...
The Theodora and the Theodora-Kékkút Nature Trails are connected by a so called "Time Trail" of 1,1 km length. This part of the route introduces interesting but less known events in the 6,6 thousand million year long history of the Earth. The route of the path starts at the foot of Kereki hillock and returns there, too.


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