Natural Values

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Natural Values

Natural Values

8315 Gyenesdiás, Nagy-mező felől erdei úton
+36 83 511-790
+36 83 511-790
The lookout was renovated in 2002, it is located in the Keszthely hills. You can enjoy the panorama of counties Somogy and Vas.
8226 Alsóörs, Csere-hegy
+36 87 447 192
+36 87 447 221
8312 Balatonederics
+36 30/306-6050, 20/390-5391, 30/237-3759
Near Balatonederics, the beautiful forest of the Balaton Uplands Natural Park hides the strictly protected Wonderberry Cave, which was named after the shrubs growing next to its entrance. To date a more than 5 km long section of the tectonic cave has been discovered. The pathways (fissures) in the cave were formed by the tectonic movements of the ...
Zalavár, Kis-Balaton, Diás-sziget
06-83/315-341, 06-30/664-0404
These sights are located in the Kis-Balaton National Park and they can be visited with professional guidance.
Gyenesdiás, Kerek-hegy
This three storey lookout is located on the Kerek hill and was built in 2000. Here you can see the Keszthely bay, the Zala hills and also the Alps.
8257 Badacsonyörs, Kápolnavölgyi u. 25.
+36703387377, +36703374533
The arboretum lies on 3.06 hectares with a connected forest area of 1.6 hectares. Beside its botanical value, it also has a significant landscape, cultural and geological value as well. The scenic views from the southern side of the Kisörsi Mountain on the Örsi Mountain, and towards Badacsony to the Szent Iván chapel at Ábrahámhegy are of unmatched beauty. ...
8253 Révfülöp, Fülöp-hegy
The lookout is located on the Fülöp hill and was built in 2001 by Gyula Pelényi for the millennium.
Balatonboglár, Várdomb
It’s so tiny it’s not even a town, but the village of Bálványosboasts something big: the highest point on the southern side of Balaton, so drive on up the winding roads and take a look – on a clear day you can see more than half the entire lake.Meanwhile, in the village of 580 inhabitants, you may fi nd craftsmen carving wooden furniture and women baking ...
8251 Zánka, Monoszló, Hegyestű
06-30/620-4082, 06-87/555-291
The 'keeper' of the gate of the Káli-basin is Hegyestű which can be found between Zánka and Monoszló reaching as high as 337 metres. The mountain shows a proper cone shape viewed from the direction of Lake Balaton. The northern part of the mountain has been mined, however, the remaining nearly 50-metre high mine-wall reveals the inside of the basalt volcano ...
8230 Balatonfüred, Tamás-hegy
8256 Salföld, Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park
+36 87 555 260
+36 87 555 261
8281 Szentbékkálla, Fekete-hegy
It is located on the Fekete hill in the Káli basin. From there you can enjoy the panorama of the Káli basin.
8360 Keszthely, Keszthelyi hegység
+36 87 555 260
+36 87 555 261
On the northern part of the area the volcanic group of the Tátika and Kovácsi Hills can be found. The Tátika Hill was created by two volcanic eruptions. Its lower cone is covered by an aboriginal beech grove mixed with 200-210 years old hornbeam and sessile oak trees.
8753 Balatonmagyaród, Kis Balaton
+36 87 555 260
+36 87 555 261
Balaton has a baby brother!The rather unimaginatively named Kis-Balaton (Little Balaton) is an internationally recognized protected wetland, where you can hike, bike and birdwatch. Head to Kányavári Sziget, an island near Balatonmagyaród, and try to spot some of the 250 species who’ve been seen here. The whitetailed eagle feeds here, the osprey and the ...
8261 Badacsony, Badacsony-hegy
8271 Mencshely, Halom-hegy
8237 Tihany, Sétaút
+36 (87) 555260
+36 87 555 261
The boards along the trail provide information about the area's zoological, botanical and landscape values in English and Hungarian. The booklet entitled "Tihany" - published by the Tihany Mayor's Office, available at Tihany Tourinform Office - can be your guide during your excursion. The area was awarded the European Diploma in 2003. The altogether 18 km ...
8230 Balatonfüred, öreghegyi u.
+36 87 555 260
+36 87 555 261
The cave which was found in 1894 on the western side of the Tamás Hill and was opened to the public in 1934 represents a significant natural and touristic asset. The spectacular mid -Triassic limestone layers, displaced from their horizontal formation by the impact of mountain-forming forces, hide the cave, created by the eroison of the limestone by warm ...
8621 Zamárdi, Kőhegy
+36 84 345 291
+36 84 345 290
Cserszegtomaj, Biked sor
Did you know that the 1,500- hectare Nagybereki Fehér-víz marshland was once a swamp spanning 10,000 hectares? The swampy moorland is home to rare plant and animal species – a mustsee for nature lovers! Who wouldn’t want to get out and meet a great white egret, stay up late to see a night heron, marvel at the beauty of a bluethroat, or watch the fl ight of ...
Tapolca, Szent György-hegy
+36 87/555-291
Szent György Hill, a 3km hike from the town of Tapolca, boasts volcanic basalt columns that look like organ pipes rising up 30 meters into the sky. Baroque and classicist chapels and sparkling springs pop up along the trail. And just like every other high point around Balaton (but it tends to be true), there’s a spectacular panorama waiting for you around ...
Balatonalmádi, Szőlőhegy
The Óvár lookout was built at the beginning of the 1900 years in Balatonalmádi. It was renovated in the 90's.
8171 Balatonvilágos, Dózsa Gy u.1.
8245 Pécsely, Pécselyi medence
+36 87 555 260
+36 87 555 261
Tours in the Pécsely-basin1. Pécsely - Zádor-well - Zádor castle - Mountain Derék - Mountain Hideg - Szurdik - Pécsely (total: 7 km)The duration of the tour: 2-3 hours
8256 Salföld, major
06-87/702-857, 06-30/939-0770
The manor is the information and tourist centre of the National Park. From here the territory of the Káli-basin - especially the geological sight of Hegyestű, the "stone-seas" and the ruins of a cloister situated in the south from Salföld, in a forest - can be toured on foot, by bicycle, on horse or with horse-driven coaches.
8229 Csopak, Csákányhegy
The wooden lookout was built in 1972. You can enjoy the panorama of Bakony hill and the east basin of lake Balaton.


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