Museum, gallery

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Museum, gallery

Museum, gallery

8253 Révfülöp, Halász u. 6.
8638 Balatonlelle, Kossuth Lajos u. 4.
20 Years in the Heart of Africa - the collection of Count Pongrác Somssich.
8312 Balatonederics, Kültelek 11. (71 sz. út mellett)
+36 87/466-105
In 1944 he was sentenced to imprisonment owing to his sec- ret marriage with the baroness Alexandra Hatvany. The new power after the Horthy regime appointed him because of his professional knowledge to the head of the government's hun- ters between 1950 and 1952.Owing to the political difficulties he had to escape with his family. He worked in Austria and ...
8300 Tapolca, Batsányi tér 1.
8315 Gyenesdiás, Diótörő u. 16/2.
06-83/314-581, 06-30/302-9495
400-pieces private collection of antique ovens.
8624 Balatonszárszó, József Attila utca 7.
8229 Csopak, Kossuth L u. 53.
8237 Tihany, Visszhang u. 4.
+36 87 448 431
8360 Keszthely, Kossuth u. 11.
+36 83/318-855; 06-30/2-272-272
The establishment, opened in 1999 shows the national costume of last century of historical, great Hungary and the national, cultical and farm architecture by the help of visual aid. More than 700 large porcelain dolls present the old culture of costume from Nyitra to Szabadka and from Dévény to Orsova. The costumes were made almost solely in those villages ...
8600 Siófok, Szűcs Menyhért u. 4
+36 84/558-088
In Hungary, eggs aren’t just an art for Eastertime. Folk artists decorate eggs all year round, and a whopping 2,000 pectacular ones are on show, all the time, at the egg museum in Siófok. Eggs are scratched, carved, or batiked, to name just a few of 25 different techniques used to decorate them - and some even have copper designs hammered into them!By whom? ...
8640 Fonyód, Szent István u. 82.
85 / 560 257, 30 / 9571 526
8360 Keszthely, Bercsényi Miklós u. 65-67.
83-311-563; 30-429-7655,
8360 Keszthely, Kastély u. 1.
+36 83 314 194
+36 83 315 039
Put on aristocratic airs and stroll the 101 rooms and vast gardens of the Festetics Palace in Keszthely. Lounge in the library (100,000 volumes encased in oak), descend the oak stairway in your ball gown, or attend a classical concert in the beauteous baroque ballroom or take a candlelit evening tour (book ahead for English). This is one of the most regally ...
8360 Keszthely, Kossuth u. 11.
+36 83 318 855
The biggest waxworks of the country where almost as many as 500 waxworks illustrate the outstanding figures of our past. The row of kings, princes, generals, writers, and poets is opened by Hun King Attila and closed by Cardinal Mindszenthy. In the cellar system spreading towards the pedestrian percinct we can meet our ancestors in chronological order in ...
8294 Kapolcs, Kossuth L.u.1.
Homeland is a special sight, a unique place for tourists to visit, introducing Hungary in form of outdoor models. In the course of a pleasant walk, visitors may get acquainted with the geography of the country, its stones and rocks and famous architectural sights.
8360 Keszthely, Kossuth u. 11.
+36 83 318 855
The tortures of past is shown from Middle Ages to Modern Times and from Far East to America. The tools, made on the base of documents of old times present the cruelties of the earlier centuries faithfully. Almost two dozens of waxfigures - tormentor and tormented - make us know horribly that we were born in a more fortunate century.
8600 Siófok, Kálmán Imre sétány 5.
+36 84 311-287
8230 Balatonfüred, Honvéd u. 1.
8600 Siófok, Korányi Sándor u. 16.
+36 84 319-524
8258 Badacsonytomaj, Badacsony, Egry sétány 12
+ 36 87 431-044
József Egry is also known as the Balaton painter. He was obsessed by the lake, and lived and worked on the shore for decades in puritan simplicity. The main subject of his paintings and drawings is views or almost visions of Balaton, under varied conditions of light and colour. He uses very restricted means in his pictures, the objective details are reduced ...
8638 Balatonlelle, Kossuth u. 35
Kapoli Museum has two permanent exhibitions of the works of wood carver masters and Somogy country sheperds Antal Kapoli Snr., and Jr., and sculptor Miklós Ligeti, who was Rodin's pupil.
8613 Balatonendréd, Kossuth u. 30.
+36 (85) 349-653
8253 Révfülöp, Halász u. 6.
8640 Fonyód, József u. 16.
8636 Balatonszemes, Bajcsy-Zsilinszki u. 5.
8237 Tihany, Major utca 67.
+36 87 538 033
+36 87 538 034
The Lavender House Visitor Center presents the Tihany Peninsula in a way that provides special entertainment for young and old alike. We will introduce you to the once raging fire of the volcanoes and the harmony of the landscape that was shaped as a result of it. We will show you the centuries-long co-existence of people and nature along with the ...
8600 Siófok, Bajcsy Zs. út 155.
06 84/311-397, +36 30/3944-786
8230 Balatonfüred, Blaha L. u. 3.
+36 21 200 2452
The Municipal Museum, which was the villa of the former administrator of the bathhouse, presents the history of Balatonfüred in the golden age by bringing four topics to the front: transportation, thermal bath, Anna Balls and the theatre. The Collection of the Local History and its rich library can be seen in the building of the museum and it is the Guest ...
8220 Balatonalmádi, Széchenyi u. 1.
+36 88 438 181
8360 Keszthely, Katona József u. 19.
Our Museum and Confectioners is located close to the Festetics Palace, opposite the Palace tower. Upon entering our traditional style confectioners and patisserie You will find a friendly welcome from our family and staff. Here You will find a wide selection of cakes and gateaux, teas and coffees and ice-creams. You may also be tempted by the hundreds of ...
8706 Nikla, Berzsenyi D. u. 96.
+36 85 336 185
8254 Kõvágóörs, -Pálköve
+36 88 426 081
8251 Zánka, Zánkai Gyermek és Ifjúsági Centrum területe
06-87/568-581, 06-87/568-582, 06-87/568-583
8600 Siófok, Kálmán Imre sétány 10.
+36 20 532 52 57
8243 Balatonakali, Hóvirág u. 57
36 87/444 558, 36 30/9464 673
8380 Hévíz, Rákóczi utca 9.
8360 Keszthely, Múzeum u. 2
+36 83 312 351
+36 83 511 335
The oldest museum of the county, which was founded in 1898, shows the history of the lake most completely in the region. At the beginning the museum worked as a museum society led by the district administrator Árpád Csák and the professor Sándor Lovassy. The archeological, natural historical and ethnograpic collections were the first units in the material ...
8237 Tihany, I. András tér 1.
+ 36 87 538-200
+36 87/448-650
8251 Zánka, Gyermeküdülő Centrum
8640 Fonyód, Bartók Béla u. 3.
+36 85/560-392
8675 Andocs, Szabadság tér 6.
8237 Tihany, Pisky sétány 12.
Peasant houseThe unplastered dwelling house, with basalt gable walls, thatched roof, veranda, and white-framed windows on the gable end, was built in the 18th century. It was extended by several rooms in the 19th century, until it attained its present form. In the house, objects connected with 19th century peasant lifestyle, furniture used in everyday life, ...
8360 Keszthely, Jókai utca 5.
+36 30 602 68 68
Tuesday - Sunday: 11.00-18.00 hour
Discover the world of automatic musical instruments from the time, when there were no radios and record players to the 50's of the last century.Enjoy the sounds of musical boxes, player pianos, music watches and barrel organs while being in a unique authentic ambiance. In the cosy outside section, you can listen to the music of a big dancing organ from the ...
8237 Tihany, I. András tér
8636 Balatonszemes, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 46.
The new permanent exhibition accommodated in the former stable building entitled "From the stage-coach to the mail van" presents some fine exhibits of the vehicle collection of the Post Museum. Besides giving an insight into the history of the building itself, the exhibition illustrates the history of postal transportation from the 15th century cart to the ...
8225 Szentkirályszabadja, Rákóczi F. u. 64.
8621 Zamárdi, Akácfa u. 4/a.
+36 84 347 349. 30 227 74 96
+36 84 347 349
The living and colourful wonders of the sea. Only here on Lake Balaton.
8600 Siófok, Szigliget u. 7.
Our gallery was in 1998 opened. We waited for our guest with very different paints. You can buy here from famous painter.
8360 Keszthely, Kossuth u. 11.
+36 83 318 855
As long as 8 m giant model of the Hungarian Parliament, made of as many as 4.5 millions snail from Pannon Sea (28 millions years old). An old lady who is 85 years old had been making her masterpiece for 14 years which was entered for the Book of Guiness Records. She did not allow it to be taken abroad.
8710 Balatonszentgyörgy, Irtási dülő
In the west corner of Lake Balaton, on the woody hillside rising above the lake there can be found the hunter-fortress of counts Festetics. The building having star ground-plan is unique all over the world. In the central room of the covered fortress there can be found a well (its depth is 30 m), rooms of captain, guard, rest and smoky kitchen etc.Here a ...
8630 Balatonboglár, Szőlőskislak
+36 85 500 404
8251 Zánka, Gyermeküdülő Centrum
8291 Nagyvázsony, Temető u. 3.
+ 36-88-264-300
The exhibitions of communications history have been displayed since 1968 in this historical building, an important feature in the appearance of the village. Its permanent exhibition "Relics of communication in the Northern region of Lake Balaton" shows objects and documents from the history of post and telecommunications in the Northern region of Lake ...
8230 Balatonfüred, Blaha Lujza u. 3.
+36 21/200-24
The local History Collection of the town was opened in 1993. It mainly consists of Ferenc Zákonyi the local historician's collection and the legacy of Gábor Lipták. the permanent exhibition entitled "Balatonfüred, the Ornament of the Hungarian Kingdom " .Periodic exhib. are arranged on the lower level and here is the Visitor's Centre as well, that organizes ...
8230 Balatonfüred, Honvéd utca 2-4.
+36 21 200 2454
The renovated Vaszary Villa invites You to the exhibition of János Vaszary. IT ENCOMPASSES THE WHOLE painting career of him. Life hidden in artefacts -Szomlányi collection contains both fine arts and applied arts pieces and proves to be outstanding in Hungarian and european Culture as well. An artist of gestures- István Nádler. he is a standard artist of ...
8174 Balatonkenese, Kossuth u. 6.
+ 36 88/481-586
8220 Balatonalmádi, Városház tér. 4
This Museum is open from 2006, here you can see an own angle collection of a collector from Balatonalmadi.


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