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In the outskirts of the village remnants of a Celtic settlement from the Iron Age and also a cemetery from the time of the great migrations were found. In the valley a Roman brick-brining kiln was found. It is possibly from the 1st century. The name Zerdahel was first mentioned in a charter in 1574 when it already had a right to have markets. It belonged to Rohonc Castle until the 16th century. As part of an interesting trading, in 1528 Ferenc Batthyány gave it to Tamás Nádasdy in return for the charters proving the ownership of the estates. However, they were not the owners yet, because it was given to Sibrik family. From 1616 Batthyány family owned a part of it. Since the 19th century it was the administrative centre of the neighbouring settlements. This time the number of population increased considerably. In the 19th century it was 270 people, while by 1930 it reached 500 people. Since then it has continuously decreased. Now it is about 400 people. Its fortified church from the early Middle Ages was named after All Saints and it was the burial place of Sibrik family since the 17th century. It was rebuilt in Baroque style in the 18th century.

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