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Things to do in Tihany

Things to do

8237 Tihany, Aranyház u. 24.
The Dotto road train is specifically designed for operation in tourist areas and to suit European requirements. It offers flexible and diverse use in tourism. This leisure transport solution is fabricated with the latest technology; it ensures 100% safety in high-density areas.
8237 Tihany, Kiserdőtelepi út 10.
+36 (30) 2753293, +36 (87) 714747
In season: 8.0-20.00 After season: at the weekends
Training: On lunge: 6000 Ft/hour; Horseback riding: 7000 Ft/hour;
Services: horseman training, horse riding, four-in-hand, riding tour, toilet Horse riding facilitiesHorse type: Kisbér half-bredNumber of horses: mare: 2; neuter: 3Horse type: gidranNumber of horses: mare: 1Horse type: ponyNumber of horses: mare: 1; neuter: 2
8237 Tihany, Lepke sor
+36 (30) 3515917
1. April - 31. October
Children ticket (max. 130cms) 1.500.- HUF/1,5 hours Junior ticket (from 130 cms) 1.300.- HUF/1 hour Adult ticket (from 140 cms) 2.500.- HUF/ 1.5 hours
The natural features of the Tihany peninsula are unique to both Hungary and Europe. Our dream with the Adventure Island is to provide excellent entertainment for all our visitors by working with the natural environment and ensuring the upkeep of all the trees and natural environment. The Tihany-Gödrös beach (with no admission fee) is only 30 metres away ...
0630/9396-061, 0630/9572-796
The mini trains in Tihany are operated by a family owned company since 1997. It's a great option to travel around the island in a comfortable and special way.
8237 Tihany, Aranyház utca
+36 (20) 9754162, +36 (87) 448481
Period I: 03/15-04/30 és 09/01-10/30 H-V: 10:00-18:00; Period II: 05/01-08/30 H-V: 10:00-21:00
+36 (87) 448481
On the inner lake side, in beautiful surroundings can be found the Szabadidőpark (Free time Park), where, in addition to the detailed sporting facilities a huge playground awaits children with wooden playground furniture.
8237 Tihany, Major utca 16.
+36 (20) 9628351
6.00 - 20.00
Adult / student daily: HUF 2.000,- /HUF 1.000,- weekly: HUF 10.000,- /HUF 5.000,- for a year: HUF 50.000,/- HUF 20.000,-
The Inner lake is situated directly under the village, it is almost perfectly round with the clear water surface. It lies 26 m above the level of the Lake Balaton in the sunken caldera following volcanic eruption. (pic. 16) Once it was famous for its rich flora and fauna. The deployment of herbivorous Asian fishes in the last few decades led to the total ...


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