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Things to do in Tata

Things to do

2890 Tata, Cseke-liget
The lake is located in the Angolpark in a 25 ha large area. It was named after a landlord called Cseke. Nowadays it's a well known fishing paradise.
2890 Tata
Originally it was used for protecting the Old Lake againts contaminants. Today it's a great place for fishing, huge fishes live in the lake.
2890 Tata, Fényes fasor
You may refresh your self in a romantic town if you visit Tata. The spa is situated 3 km far from the center of the town. The surround of the spa is a nature reserve park, where you can take peaceful walk and see the lake and the marshy land which is rich in natural beauties. The Fényes Baths was rebuilt in recent years and it is a spa of high ...
2890 Tata, Öreg-tó
+36 (34) 586045, +36 (34) 586046
The old lake is one of the most attractive sights in Tata. The lake was built before the settlement of the hungarian tribes, it was expanded in the middle ages. It was used for the protection of the castle in Tata.
2890 Tata
The Réti lake in Tata was built in 1896 when the Esterházy family owned that area. Nowadays it's a great place for fishing as well as for growing ornamental plants.


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