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2890 Tata, Országgyűlés tér
+36 (34) 586045, +36 (34) 586046
The pecularity of this structure, also known as clock tower, is that the woodwork was constructed without the use of nails. On the wall you can read a tablet reminiscent of the parilamentary session once held in Tata. Since 2004 the progress of time has been indicated each hour with carillon.
2890 Tata, Agostyán
+36 (34) 487048, +36 (30) 4009128
Sa-Su: 09:30 11:00 13:00 15:00
Pine Trees and deciduous Trees with a collection of exotic species - can be found on the area of 25 hectares. Hundreds of valuable and interesting Tree species located in groups or singly on picturesque valleys.
2890 Tata, Kálváriadomb
+36 (34) 586045, +36 (34) 586046
The present name of the hill comes from the creator of the latter, Antal Schweiger.
2890 Tata, Kocsi utca 15.
+36 34 380-616
Originally it was built without a tower during the reign of Joseph III. The tower was built in 1829 to the church. The building was fully renovated in 2005.
2890 Tata, Kálváriadomb
+36 (34) 588163
The Chapel was built on the foundation of St. John Church which once stood there and was later demolished.
2890 Tata, Bartók Béla út 1.
+36 34 380-019
The church has a beautiful baroque interior. The capuchin monks was invited to the city by József Eszterházy.
2890 Tata, Váralja u. 3
+36 (34) 381251
The Castle - it had been built since the end of 1300s, today it is one of the jewels of Tata. Its blooming can be dated to the reign of Zsigmond Luxemburg and Mátyás Hunyadi as the summer resort of the king. The walls of the castle reflect the marks of romantic style which is due to the Esterházy family used to live here. The building at the shore of Old ...
2890 Tata, Angolpark
+36 (34) 586045, +36 (34) 586046
This is the first english-style park of Hungary and the single historical garden of the country to date. Almost one half of the almost 70 hectares large park established by the Eszterházy-family in 1782, is today the training range of the Hungarian Olympic Team. This range is a restricted area, however the other half of the park is opened to the ...
2890 Tata, Hősök tere
+36 (34) 708106, +36 (20) 4538986
Friday-Saturday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00
The stables of the palace date from the 18th century and the English garden is a protected natural treasure. The fountain was designed in 1831 by Schweiger Antal while the small palace dates from 1854 and was built based on plans by Fellner Jakab.
2890 Tata, Kálváriadomb
The chapel and the lookout was built in honor of Jakab Fellner, who played an important role in creating the baroque cityscape. The lookout tower is 40 m high, 200 stairs lead to the top.
2890 Tata, Kocsi u
The building was built around 1750. Nowadays the reformed church owns the house.
2890 Tata, Angolpark; Hattyúliget u. 40
This is the oldest building in the Angolpark. Originally it was built for a summer residence in copf style.
2890 Tata, Bárány u. 2.
The lutheran church in Tata has around 456 believers.
2890 Tata, Kossuth tér
The statue can be found at the Szent Kereszt church. Immaculata means flawless, clear.
2890 Tata, Kossuth Lajos tér 15
+36 (34) 588163
+36 (34) 588162
The Church in Kossuth Square was designed by the gifted architects Anton Franz Pilgram, Jakab Fellner and József Grossmann. The interior of the two-tower church is, among others, the work of Adolf Mohl, Antal Gött, Antal Schweiger and János György Mes.
2890 Tata, Angolpark
It has a normal eight-sided figure. According to the beliefs there was a hut of a turkish hermit on this place.
2890 Tata, Művész köz 1.
The owner of the building was the famous painter János Vaszary. The house was built in 1906.
2890 Tata, Kossuth tér
The statue was made by Ferenc Brém in 1964. There is a fountain around the statue.
2890 Tata, Kálvária domb
It is located to the east from the chapel on Kálvária hill. It was designed by Imre Csaó in 1968. Nowadays it's a protected monument. It is also used for concerts and exhibitions.


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