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Excursions around Sopron

9436 Fertőszéplak, Nagy Lajos király utca 33.
(+36 99) 311-327
May-September Tue-Sun 9.00-17.00
The ancient residence of the Széchényi family had been in Fertőszéplak until the end of the 18th century, when the family to Nagycenk. The church of Fertőszéplakconsecrated to All-Saints, however, was built by the Széchenyi family. The interior of the church was made with meticulous craftsmanship as was characteristic of Baroque architecture.The main street ...
The symbol of the trail is the cyclamen, the typical flower of Sopron hills. 60 information panels along the trail introduce the flora and fauna of the region. Starting your walk from the State Sanatorium (Állami Szanatórium) in Várisi street, and passing by the Millecentenary Forest, the Deák-well and the Károly lookout, you will reach the Várhelyi ...
The village of Fertőd lies south-east from Sopron and is the economic and cultural centre of the area. The main attraction here is the Esterházy palace in the centre of the village. The magnificentf Baroque castle, also known as 'the Hungarian Versailles', was built by Miklós Esterházy the 'Glorious' between 1763 and 1766. He and his high-spirited wife, ...
One of the most interesting attractions of Fertőrákos is the open-air museum of a former stone quarry. It is part of the Fertő Region World Heritage and gives us a chance to discover the wonders of both the natural and the man-made environment. This area was once covered by sea (the Pannonian Sea) the existence of which is witnessed by the fossils on the ...
This is a 16 km long trail which connects Károly lookout with the Table of Lords (a former meeting point for lords of the manor and a popular hiking destination today) and touches at Várhely lookout. The trail later joins into the Austrian hiking trail #B907 in Burgenland and so connects Sopron with Schwarzenbach.
Starting your walk from the State Sanatorium (Állami Szanatórium) in Várisi street, the history of the Sopron Groove and the Dalos-hill manifests itself and visitors can admire the larches of the Millecentenary Forest and taste the fruits of the Alpine woods. Sopron is situated in the middle of three different botanical and zoological areas and this ...
9485 Nagycenk, Kiscenki út 3.
(+36 99) 360 023
Once in Sopron, the Széchenyi Palace in the nearby Nagycenk is worth an excursion. Visitors enter the residence of the noble family through a beautiful wrought-iron gate and a French garden. In spite of its humble exterior, the castle is one of the most beautiful country mansions of Hungary. The family’s coat of arms is displayed on the front balcony ...
Szárhalmi parkerdő
The sign of the hiking trail is the valley lily. The trail starting from the fishing lake named Tómalom introduces the flora and the fauna of the Szárhalmi forest and leads to the Kecske-hegy (Goat hill) lookout from where there is a magnificent view on the surrounding mountains and the Fertő lake. The Tómalom lake can be reached by bus #6.


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