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Sopron Culture – Cultural life of Sopron


9400 Sopron, Bécsi utca 5.
(+36 99) 311 327
Farmers and craftsmen of the old town of Sopron used to live in  a quarter in the outskirts of the town protected by an outer city wall. Taking a walk in Balfi, Bécsi, Fövényverem or Halász streets, one still feels the special atmosphere of the former craftmen’s district. The Bakery Museum is located in the building of the oldest bakery in town. The ...
9400 Sopron, Templom u. 2.
(+36 99) 312 667; (+36 99) 338 902
The Central Museum of Mining, the largest and most comprehensive collection on the history of mining in Hungary, is outstanding among the dozens of exhibitions in Sopron. The Baroque Esterházy Palace is a worthy venue to house this valuable collection. The garden at remains of the ancient city wall behind the building and its small Baroque music pavilion ...
9400 Sopron, Sopron Plaza Lackner Kristóf u. 35.
(36 99) 343-410
9400 Sopron, Templom u. 16.
(99) 332-098, (30) 286 17 97, (30) 972-29 77
The Civitas Theatre well qualifies as a repertoire theatre as they play pantomime, drama, comedy, cabaret, grotesque, and productions for children as well. They present 150 - 170 performances yearly and also play abroad. The theatre was awarded the “National Award of Excellence” by the profession.
9400 Sopron, Templom u. 4.
(+36 99) 338 -870
The former Esterházy Palace hosts the exhibition where equipment of forestry, carpentry tools and devices used in land-surveying and cartography dating from the 19th–20th centuries can bee seen. The collection includes a number of curiosities: millions of years old pieces of fossilized wood, a map from 1656, documents and huge modeling boards from the end ...
9400 Sopron, Torna u. 14.
Tel.: (+36-99) 312-211
9400 Sopron, Fő tér 6.
(+36 99) 311 327
Back in the 14th century, there were two buildings on the plot where the Fabricius house now stands; the one at the back had two floors already. The present form of the house evolved in the 17th century. The Gothic hall is a wonderful piece of architecture, but the loggia in the courtyard and the Gothic and Baroque cellars of the rear building also deserve ...
9400 Sopron, Hátsókapu u. 2., "Cézár-ház"
The history of art has awarded József Horváth (1891-1961) titles such as "the great painter of Sopron", "the classic of aquarelle". The artist later received the honorary name "Soproni" post mortem from his beloved town. Actually, he was not born in Sopron, but he dedicated all his artistic activity to this town. Sopron owns and hosts his oeuvre, which this ...
9400 Sopron, Templom u. 18.
The Körmendi-Csák collection is a private collection of Hungarian pieces of Fine Arts and Applied Arts. The Körmendi-Csák family created the collection with the aim of making Hungarian arts known world-wide. They have purchased two buildings in Sopron (the Artner Palace and the Anna Atrium) where representative pieces of the collection are on display.
9400 Sopron, Liszt F. u. 1.
(+36 99) 517-500
The building of the former community house of Sopron dating from 1873 was fully renovated recently. It has become the most significant public building of Sopron and today it houses the Liszt Ferenc Conference and Cultural Centre. The multifunctional cultural centre possesses an auditorium with a capacity of 1200 people and is the venue of concerts and ...
9400 Sopron, Templom u. 19.
The history of the Lutheran congregation in Sopron dates back to the time of the Reformation in Hungary. The Lutheran church of Sopron is the oldest, most outstanding architectural achievement of the period after the enactment of the Edict of Tolerance. Itt possesses an organ which has an unforgettable tone, therefore the church is often the venue of ...
9400 Sopron, Templom u. 1.
(+36 99) 523-768
The late Baroque door of the Benedictine Monastery next to the Goat Church leads to the Chapter House. This room is one of the most beautiful works of early Gothic religious architecture. It first served as a prayer house, later as a burial chapel, and finally as a Loretto chapel. Archeological excavations unveiled Gothic pillars, beautifully crafted ...
9400 Sopron, Új u. 22.
(+36 99) 311 327
The exact date of the Jews’ settlement in Sopron is uncertain, but it is a fact that about 10-16 families lived in Új utca as early as the 13th century. Although the Jews of the town dealt primarily with commerce and finance, they were not really rich. Still, their Gothic synagogue built at the beginning of the 14th century, is a unique piece of ...
9400 Sopron, Liszt F. u. 1.
(+36 99) 517-500
A regular theatrical scene in Sopron exists since the 1730's. Hungary's second permanent theatre was built here in 1769. At that time the language spoken in Sopron was mainly German and the theatre had its directors and actors recruited from Vienna. The first Hungarian speaking drama brought to the scene was László Hunyadi in 1792.In the 1830’s the ...
9400 Sopron, Fő tér 2.
(+36 99) 311 327
The house narrowly escaped demolition in the 16th century when the City Council wanted to destroy it in order to enlarge the square (the house protrudes onto the square). King Louis II denied his approval claiming that the tearing down of the house would disrupt the architectural unity of the Main Square. This regulation dating from 1525 is the first known ...
9400 Sopron, Orsolya tér 2.
The rich collection can be seen in the oratory of the former Ursuline convent on Ursula Square. The material helps us to get a more accurate picture of Sopron's Baroque art. The thematically arranged sacral objects were mainly fashioned in the Baroque style but there are older and 19th relics, too. The backbone of the exhibition is composed of authentic ...
9400, Sopron, Fő tér 8.
(+36 99) 311 327
The Baroque corner house with its bay window is one of the most attractive buildings of the Main Square. During the 15th century the house was the property of the Haberleiter family who provided accommodation for King Matthias during the winter of 1482–83, when he assaulted the town of Vienna. The building became part of the Festetics domain in the 18th ...
9400 Sopron, Pócsi utca 25.
(+36 99) 511-250
9400 Sopron, Balfi u. 11.
(+36 99) 311 136
In spite of his artistic ambitions, the young Gusztáv Zettl (1852-1917), chose to carry on the business in the family distillery out of respect for his parents. He never gave up his dreams concerning his artistic career, though. He was a very talented student at the Painters' Academy in Vienna, and his enthusiasm for painting endured all through his life. ...


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