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7624 Pécs, Kossuth tér
+ 36 72 215 788
Our restaurant's name Addo coming from latin, has multiple meanings: to encourage, to add up, to fill the heart with burning desire. Therefore, following our philosophy, we also encourage our guests to enjoy the taste of our unique, carefully prepared dishes coming straight from our high quality cuisine. By adding fresh, seasonal ingredients, supplied by ...
7621 Pécs, Irgalmasok u.5.
(+36 72) 336-153
The restaurant offers traditional hungarian specialities for fair prices
7621 Pécs, Teréz u. 4.
Traditional dishes from local ingredienst and quality wines are served in this restaurant. There are several wine tasting programmes and menu offers for weddings and other events.
7635 Pécs, Málics Ottó út 1.
+36 (72) 512-900
The hotel has two restaurants offering national and international cuisine. Looking down from the hotel terrace guests can enjoy one of the most breathtaking panorama of the country. Next to the restaurant the exclusive vine tresor and our comfortable cigar corner with charming fireplace provides place for relaxation or for after-meal-discussions. We hope ...
7627 Pécs Felsőhavi dűlő 6.
+36 72 211 333
The Bagolyvár Hotel welcomes its guests since 1995, with impressive panorama of the Zengő mountain. The interior has combines folk atmosphere with elegant design. In the restaurant we offer both Hungarian specialties and dishes from the International kitchen.The restaurant is extended with a closed and an open-air garden. The maximum seat capacity is 140 ...
7621 Pécs, király u. 19.
Pécs, Nagy Flórián utca 11.
7621 Pécs, Hunyadi út 2.
7621 Pécs, Citrom u. 18.
+36 30 590 6001
7632 Pécs, Diana tér 10.
+36(72)438-176, 0630/2703027
Pécs, Jókai tér 6.
+36 72/216-055, +36 72/532-189
Our restaurant - Ristorante & Pizzeria All'Eelefante - has been up and running since 1996. It's the only authentic Italian eatery in Central Pecs. Our experienced staff and kitchen will give extraordinary service to anyone who walks in. Our menu offers a large variety of signature Italian dishes, outstanding seafood and daily specials all made from ...
7624 Pécs, Hungária út 16.
+3672/213-211 , +3630/6402535
Pécs, Hungária u.13
+36 (72) 232-446
Pécs, Nagy Flórián u. 11.
7622 Pécs, Bajcsy-Zs. u. 14-16
+36 30 72 333 166
Friendly atmosphere, relaxation, unique ambiance and a wide range of foods and drinks characterizes our restaurant. Our constantly changing menu has Italian pastas, pizzas and freshly baked dishes mostly, as well as Hungarian specialties. We aim to use as much local products as possible in our seasonally changing offers. Fordan Center has a wide range of ...
Pécs, Hunyadi u. 2.
72 / 33 20 10
7628 Pécs, Melegmányi út 32.
7635 Pécs Középmakár dűlő 4
+36 72 224 400
+36 72 224 306
Our restaurant was named after colonel Johan Makár who lived in the region at the end of the 17th century. He was known for liberating the town from Turks in 1686. The hill above us has kept his name till today, it is called Makár-hill. Our restaurant consists of more sections, but its kitchen and staff are the same. We offer you characteristic of us ...
7623 Pécs, Rákóczi u. 24-26.
(72) 333 400, (30) 937 3400
7621 Pécs, Rákóczi út 30.
72/312-573; 30/858-7494
Pécs, Boltív köz 2.
(+36 72) 534-916
7633 Pécs, Hajnóczy u. 37-39.
+36 72 252 113
+36 72 252 131
Choose from various excellent, traditional Hungarian specialties and international dishes. We provide wide range of daily menus at fair prices and on high standards. We prepare our food from high quality row materials from our own farm where we raise free ranged chickens and pigs. It is worth a try!We have more rooms (conference, performance rooms etc.) for ...
7626 Pécs, Újvilág utca 40.
+36 72 310 480
Pécs, Klimó György u. 12.
(72) 515 555, (20) 551 5555
Pécs-Uránváros, Ybl Miklós u. 2
Pécs, Dömörkapu-Hidegvölgyi út 1
7624 Pécs, Xavér utca 19
7623 Pécs, Szabadság u. 26.
(+36 72) 333-779
7621 Pécs, Király utca 5
In our charming Palatinus Restaurant, guests are enticed by both International and Hungarian cuisine. The restaurant, with a capacity of 120 guests, is the perfect venue for company events and gala dinners.Open: 7:00 - 22:00
7621 Pécs, Király u. 4.
+36 20 585 3828, +36 72 210 531
Our restaurant has been opened in 2000, it is situated on both floors of the building. Beside the Hungarian tastes our offers are made of popular foods of the most famous restaurants of the USA and Italy. Our meals are assembled freshly so that in some cases the preparation may take longer than 25 minutes reckoned from the order.Let us call your attention ...
7621 Pécs, Rákóczi út 3.
Pátria Restaurant and its summer terrace offer guests both International and Hungarian cuisine. With its 140-person capacity, it provides a perfect place for company events and other celebrations. (Open only during events.)EspressoAt the Espresso, guests can enjoy a variety of drinks and aromatic coffees, sandwiches and light salads.Open: 7:00 - 22:00
7621 Pécs, Citrom utca 16‎.
(72) 214 709
Pécs, Vadász u 8
72/247-247, 70/200-3400
7623 Pécs, Nagyvárad u. 23.
Welcome to our pleasant, air-conditioned restaurant, which received a professional qualification from the Hungarian Gastronomic National Association. You can taste our flavourful dishes and the most outstanding wines of the region, served on sewing-machine-legged tables. Besides typically Hungarian meals we offer specialities of Slavic cuisine.Welcome to ...
7634 Pécs, Darázs dűlő 15/2.
+3630/236-1932, +3672/332-430
A kisvendéglő Pécs Nyugat-Mecsek kapujában  az Éger-völgy bejáratánál található.Egy 20 és 40 fős teremmel, gyermekjátszó helyiséggel, nyáron hangulatos kerthelyiséggel várjuk Önt és Kedves Családját .Hétköznapi menüajánlatunkkal, (melyet előrendeléssel adott nap 9 óráig tudjuk ajánlani).  A  hétvégi menünkkel, 11:30-14:30 közötti ...
7625 Pécs, Tettye tér 4.
Tettye Restaurant can be found on the southern side of the mountain Mecsek in a picturesque environment.This part of the city is also named Tettye, and the word originates from the 16'th-17'th century, from when Muslim monks used the Episcopal summer place as a monastery ("tekke" in Turkish).The plateau of Tettye served as a scene for several folk ...
7621 Pécs, Teréz u. 10.
+36 72/215-427, +36 20/393-87-90
The term TEX-MEX stands for the words Texas-Mexico. The TEX-MEX cuisine covers the gastronomy of the regions foresaid.It is the colorful cavalcade of meals, where lot of vegetables, numberless pickled meats, tortillas, salsas and remarkable spices enlighten the dishes of the hungry.The Texas influence is based on the steaks and ribs along with the popular ...
Pécs Széchenyi tér 18.
7624 Pécs, Alkotmány u. 44.
(72) 324 290
(72) 515 552
7630 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos u. 37
06 72 222486
If you have only one hour to explore the gastronomy of Pécs, you have no other choice than to visit us. If you would simply like to leave the usual behind and have new experiences, the Zsolnay Restaurant and Café in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter is a great choice. In the atmosphere which recalls the golden ages of the industrialist family we can gain an ...


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