Surrounding of Pécs - Excursions around Pécs

You will find detailed information to plan your stay in Pécs: attractions, culture, city map, pictures, Pécs surroundings.

Pécs Surrounding – Excursions around Pécs - Information Pécs, Hungary

Excursions around Pécs

Taking road no. 6 from Pécs to Szigetvár takes you on a journey rich in historic monuments and natural attractions. Before leaving Pécs, however, it is worth visiting Patacs, a village annexed to Pécs. The baroque church on Patacs' Fő utca (street) was built in the 13th century. It was reconstructed in 1864 and in 1902. The building is frontal towered, with ...
Magyarürög lies at the eastern base of Jakab hegy (hill), with the Éger valley slightly to the north, and is one of the top tourist destinations in the region. From the bus station at Újmecsekalja in Pécs you can take bus numbers 22, 23 or 24 to the Ürög felső bus stop at the outskirts of Pécs-Magyarürög. After crossing the road, take Fülemüle and Kócsag ...
This route explores the most beautiful parts of the Mecsek forest park. No specialized hiking equipment is required: old and young alike can wander this path in everyday clothes and a pair of comfortable shoes, without any real physical effort.The walk starts from the Paulite church at the corner of Hunyadi János and Magaslati utca (street). The steep ...
You can get to Misina Peak by taking a bus from the central station in Pécs. The hill is 535 metres high. While this might fall behind other surrounding peaks in terms of height, Misina is the closest to the city centre and easy to reach. It is accessible by either bus or car.The winding path up to Misina Peak passes the Liberty monument, erected in 1975. ...
One of the most attractive tourist spots of the Mecsek, with a dripstone cave, a series of lakes for swimming, boating and fishing, and all surrounded by picturesque hills. The road to Orfű-Abaliget branches off from road no. 6 at the northwestern part of Pécs.After many winds and turns, the road arrives at Remete meadow, named after the Paulite monk Antal ...


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