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Things to do in Miskolc

Things to do

3500 Miskolc
3533 Miskolc, Batthyányi sor 19.
3534, Miskolc, Vár u. 24.
Situated in a beautiful natural environment, the Castle of Diósgyőr as one of the most prestigious Hungarian monuments can be found at the foot of the Bükk Mountains, just 8 kilometres from the centre of Miskolc. The first person to commemorate the fortress, also known as the medieval castle of knights, was Anonymus. The reign of Louis the Great ...
3531 Miskolc, Győri kapu 57.
Carpathian Basin most complete collection of costumes in the Point the Laser Image Gallery can be viewed.
3529 Miskolc, Kisavas alsósor 22.
06-30/822 8552
Use of the bobsled track occurs at the user’s own risk. Appropriate clothing must be worn, and use of the track under the influence of drugs or alcohol is forbidden.Use of the safety belt is required on the entire length of the track.A maximum of three people may use one bob. The tallest person sits in the back. The person operating the brakes must have a ...
3535 Miskolc, Csanyik-völgy
3500 Miskolc-Tapolca, Miskolctapolca, Garas sétány
3535 Miskolc, Erdész u. 24.
3500 Miskolc


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