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Hévíz Attractions


8380 Hévíz Kossuth Lajos u. 1.
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The new building of the city-hall is located at 1 Kossuth Lajos street, it was constructed between 1998 and1999 on the place of the former town-house. It has been inaugurated on September 9th, 1999.The building is one of the important eyemarks of Heviz; it has been built in 1950, and in 1997 the renovation was started behind the former town-hall. On January ...
8380 Hévíz, Helikon utca 6
+36 (30) 2680525
The Calvinist church was constructed between 1995 and 1998 based on the 1941 plans of Balint Szeghalmy architect from Nagyvarad. The marble decorations of the building are evocating of the Hungarian Calvinist churches of Transylvania. When creating the interior the Calvinist traditions were followed and it has remarkable woodworks.The church is used both by ...
8380 Hévíz, Egregyi úti temetőben
The Egregy part of the town called Heviz used to be a medieval village, which has been destroyed during the Turkish occupation and has been rebuilt by German settlers in the 17th century. The traditions of vine-growing are preserved by the local oenologists and inns. One of the pearls of the town, the ancient monument church built in the 13th century is ...
8380 Hévíz, dr. Schulhof Vilmos sétány
The Promenade is part of the park, located around the thermal lake. The Dr. Schulhof Vilmos Promenade is starting from the “winter bath” („télifürdő”) building, located at the end of the pedestrian zone and it leads to the main entrance of the thermal lake.  Hévíz Lake is situated on one side of the Promenade, which is shaded by sycamore trees and ...
8380 Hévíz, Zrínyi u.
+36 (83) 343134
The Heart of Jesus church is located in the Egregy part of the town. It consists of two parts constructed in different ages. Close to the church there are building ruins left from the Roman age, the excavation was brought to a close in 2004.Its GPS co-ordinates are the following: N 46° 48' 07.28" , E 17° 11' 20,94”The church was built based on the plans of ...
8380 Hévíz, Széchenyi utca 38
+36 (83) 343134
The Holly Spirit Catholic Church is the largest church of Heviz. Its seating capacity is about 1000. The foundation stone of the church was laid by Jozsef Szendi then bishop in May 1996.Its GPS co-ordinates are the following: N 46° 47' 21.85", E 17° 11' 06.04"The church was built based on the plans of Janos Bocskai architect. Due to the support of the town ...
8380 Hévíz, Rákóczi utca
The entire length of Rákóczi Street is a pedestrian zone. This street connects Széchenyi Street (which is the main street) with Dr. Schulhof Vilmos Promenade.The Tourinform Office is located at the beginning of Rákóczi Street. If you are coming from Széchenyi Street you will find the Office is on your right. The tourist information office is open all year ...
Even the ancient Romans discovered and used the lake of Hévíz. This is shown by the roman ruin garden located at the end of Attila Street, which was completely renovated in 2011.The remains of the roman villa from the early Imperial times were discovered in 1931 and then the building of Villa Rustica was excavated between 2001 and 2003 in its vicinity.The ...
The tomb of the Roman soldier, or the late Roman brick-tomb is located in the Egregy part of Heviz. The tomb was made out of bricks with quicklime.It has been discovered in 1925 when doing earthworks and it was fully intact. The objects found in the tomb were from the era of the Roman imperator Constantinus II. Bronze belt decoration, cloth clamps, knife ...


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