Surrounding of Győr - Excursions around Győr

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Győr Surrounding – Excursions around Győr - Information Győr, Hungary

Excursions around Győr

Püspökerdő (Bishop’s Woods) in the outskirts of Győr (Győr-Pinnyéd) has become a popular place with the inhabitants of Győr for promenades due to a recent investment. In addition to the well-kept clearings and camp-fire-places, a 9 km long hiking trail and a forest training path await visitors. To children’s pleasure, a playground can also be found in the ...
Győrújbarát is a village south from Győr in Sokoró-hills. It is a perfect place for excursions and wine tasting. The Babarczy Vineyard and Cellars as well as the procession and party of the Vintage Days are a must.The main stations of a hiking trip to Győrújbarát are the Lila-hill (300 m), the Francia-kő (French stone - 234m), Rákóczy-tree (183m) and Várkő ...
An excursion to Lébény may be dovetailed with a cycling tour to Tóköz region which lies north-east from Rábaköz and south from Hanság between the rivers Rába and Rábca.    This is an intact industry free area which – beside the peasants’ houses of older times – has conserved its peace and quietness.We recommend the following itinerary: ...
9090 Pannonhalma, Vár 1.
(+36 96) 570-191
The Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma is one of the oldest historical monuments in Hungary, on top of St Martin-hill (282m), next to the town of Pannonhalma. The patron saint of the abbey, Saint Martin of Tours is believed to have been born at the foot of this hill.The abbey was founded in 996 by Prince Géza who designated this as a place for the monks ...
The roman catholic church in the village of Rábaszentmiklós was built in the second part of the XIIth century. The trefoil Romanesque-style church with a single tower is actually a unique example in architecture. The three foils of nearly identical base area are the symbol of the Holy Trinity.In the centre of the village stands the Cross of Győr, a column ...
Between the Danube’s main channel and the Moson-arm lies the Szigetköz, a watery flatland with scattered villages that is noted for fishing and wildfowl. Szigetköz is the largest island of Hungary and is actually moorland, partly drained and recovered through canalization. It is called the “Gift of the Danube” with good reason as it was formed by the ...


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